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Common Claims Seen In The Staffing Industry

The need for a unique staffing agency policy is more important than you probably realize. Temporary staffing companies face a very specific sets of risks that will not be covered in a standard insurance policy. –

Staffing Agency Industry Trends [Infographic]

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Is Your Staffing Agency Prepared With Good Insurance Protection?

A Common Mistake Made With Temporary Staffing Company Insurance

First, before we begin to explain the common mistake with Staffing Company’s insurance coverage, we want to provide some explanation for staffing companies and how to help them be properly insured. –

Having Difficulty Obtaining Worker’s Compensation Insurance For Your Staffing Firm?

Most State and Federal jurisdictions make the temporary staffing firm responsible for covering their placements under worker’s compensation insurance. –

Is Your Insurance Program Actually Going To Protect Your Staffing Firm?

What Kind Of Insurance Programs Are Available To The Staffing Industry?

There are a multitude of insurance programs available to the Staffing industry. Here are just a few you should consider for your staffing firm: –

Why Staffing Companies Need Errors & Omissions Insurance

Why Staffing Companies Need Errors & Omissions Insurance
The Staffing Industry performs a professional service for others and can be held legally accountable for their actions. Lawsuits can be brought against any professional for alleged, or actual, mistakes. Defending against these suits can be costly, even if no error was made!

What is Errors & Omissions Liability […]