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The Best Way To Get Lower Trucking Insurance Premiums

In my career as a short haul trucking insurance specialist I have never talked to a trucker who did not want to save money on their insurance. Never even once. But despite this I have had many short haul truckers through the years not want to give me one critical piece of […]

5 Important Considerations About Insurance For Vacuum Trucks

We have all seen and heard the horrible stories: another accident involving an 18 wheeler with serious injuries and the questions that follow: was the truck driver being safe and could this have been prevented? Even if the trucker is not at fault in modern America a lawsuit is still almost inevitable. […]

4 Secrets That Will Help Every Short-Haul Make More Money

Does this story fit you?

You have a truck sitting at the dock but because your agent has not sent out a certificate you can’t get loaded. With every tick of the clock you lose money and get more and more frustrated. Running a trucking company is hard enough, especially short-haul, as it […]

One Simple Step To Save Money On Short-Haul Trucking Insurance

As a trucking company your costs are high. You pull a load today and the broker doesn’t want to pay you for sixty days. You start putting new tires on your rig and by the time you get done it’s time start over. Then there is insurance which is one of your […]

Does Your Trucking Insurance Agent Specialize In Short Haul?

It is harder and harder every day to be successful as a trucking company owner.
You are a professional driver, you know how to get loads and make money but it’s just so tough to operate with such high overhead. Of course one of your biggest costs is insurance and you dread […]

Bobtail Insurance

Bobtail insurance is often referred to as “non-trucking liability.” A bobtail truck is just a tractor without a trailer. So, bobtail insurance will insure your truck when it is not being used for trucking activities. –

Why Trucking Insurance Premiums Are So High?

Premiums are expensive for long haul truckers because insurance carriers consider truckers high risk. They spend most of their working time on the road, which is a very dangerous place to be. Plus, accidents involving large trucks are typically more severe, and people are more apt to sue a large commercial vehicle as […]

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance coverage does not come standard on your commercial trucking insurance policy. And, that is exactly what you need in order to cover the load you are hauling. Even if you purchase “full coverage insurance” on your auto policy, it still will not cover your freight if it is damaged or […]