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5 Important Car Insurance Coverages Explained [Infographic]

5 Important Car Insurance Coverages Explained [Infographic]
Car insurance coverages can seem confusing if you’re not a full time insurance agent. So we’ve simplified them by breaking down the 5 most important ones in this handy infographic.

Bodily Injury Liability
This coverage can provide payment for pain and suffering of the OTHER person or persons involved in […]

Restoring the Financial District Post Hurricane Sandy

6 New Ways To Save Money On Your Gas Prices

How To Use Our Insurance Blogs To Stay Safe and Save Money on Your Insurance?

We know you are not new to the internet and how it works, but you may be new to the Southern States Insurance site and need some quick pointers on how to navigate it in order to save the most money possible on your insurance coverage. Here is a breakdown on what our site […]

Is My Sign Covered For Wind Damage? The Importance Of Knowing Your Costal Restaurant Insurance Policy

Your Costal Property faces unique risks exposures and it is of utmost importance you understand your policy’s coverages and exclusions, before a claim occurs.
One of the most common mistakes is assuming you are covered and not fully understanding your Costal Restaurant Insurance policy’s exclusions. We will help you be best protected from the risks […]

The Insurance Industry Puts Safety To The Test & Analyses Ways To Mitigate Risks!

To put it simply from the words of Jim Schubert, President of Southern States Insurance, “We work to help people when bad things happen and before bad things happen.” He was explaining his job to his son and of course children’s terms need to be much more simplistic than all that is involved of […]

What “The Hunger Games” Can Teach You About Your Life Insurance Needs

An obvious lesson we can take from “The Hunger Games” is that life can be taken at any moment. Although, our circumstances do not appear to be as threatening as a tribute in the games, we face risks all through out the day. Our lives are fragile. We continually confront perils, but there is […]

What “The Hunger Games” Can Teach You About Homeowner’s Fire Insurance

Fire catches and grows more quickly than the amount of time it takes to read a page-turner like “The Hunger Games”.
When all is calm and Katniss doesn’t expect anything, the game makers bring fire! Fire in your home works in many similar ways. It comes quickly and you must react fast! There are common […]

What “The Hunger Games” Can Teach You About Travel Insurance And Your Need For International Insurance Coverage

How many day’s have you been counting down to see the new movie “The Hunger Games”? Our insurance agency has spent many lunches talking about nothing but “The Hunger Games” and “Walking Dead”. It is like the feeling of a countdown to a great vacation.
In “The Hunger Games” Districts seem as if they […]

What The Hunger Games Can Teach Us About The Need to Insure Valuables

Nothing grew to be more of a prized possession to Katniss Everdeen than her mocking jay pin.
Why is that?
Was Katniss being superficial and materialistic? No. Sometimes an item isn’t solely valuable because of it’s price, but because of it’s personal meaning and significance.
To Katniss her mocking jay pin spoke meaning to her in many […]