Church Van And Bus Insurance

Many churches and other religious organizations have vans and buses 1. Because they can hold a lot of people at one time and 2. They are usually relatively cheap to purchase.

There are many safety factors however that you are exposed to that can cause a serious amount of liability in the event there is an accident.

What Are You Transporting?

The first question any insurer will want to know is what you are actually transporting with your church vehicle. If you only use your van to pick up or transport supplies and equipment, your church insurance policy will be significantly different than if you are transporting people. Once you start transporting people (Staff, volunteers, members) your risk increases drastically.

The Danger

The types of vehicles that many churches use to transport members pose certain dangers:

  • They many not be equipped with seat belts
  • If there are seat belts, many choose to forego them
  • These large vehicles can be top heavy and prone to tipping and rolling
  • Often the operator of the vehicle has not had proper driving training for vans/buses or does not have the correct commercial driving license

Safety Precautions

So to reduce your risk be certain your vehicle has seat belts and that passengers wear them at ALL times. Have every driver be properly trained and licensed to operate a commercial type vehicle. Also, make sure you always keep up routine maintenance on your van or bus and save all documentation that indicates so. If you’re able to complete these few safety precautions, your liability will be reduced drastically.

Insurance for your church van and/or bus is a necessity! Keep your vehicle and passengers safe with the right amount of coverage, but also by adhering by the safety tips. Then you can have peace of mind that each trip your church makes will be one made in safety. If you would like more information on needed coverages for your church, be sure to read 2 Insurance Coverages Every Church Needs But Might Not Have.

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