The Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) recently discovered only 29% of apartment owners are insured with renters insurance coverage.

The majority of homeowners have homeowners insurance but 7 out of 10 renters are uninsured.

In the largest cities the population of renters out number the number of homeowners in the cities. Meaning a staggering number of renters are uninsured and are not protected if anything were to happen.


Is it because of misconceptions about coverage? Landlords will not cover your personal property, the apartment complex won’t pay for you to stay somewhere in the event your rented home becomes uninhabitable.

Renters insurance is growingly more dangerous not to have we discuss why and how easy it is to get this important coverage and a free insurance quote.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

The trend to be uninsured as a renter is a dangerous lifestyle. If fire, water, theft, or most anything go wrong in your apartment the cost to replace what is lost in your apartment is on you.

We will admit…Renters insurance isn’t for everyone.

Renters insurance is for people who have stuff in their apartment. Including but not limited to:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Toys
  • Kitchen Appliances

Renters insurance is a very comprehensive insurance coverage with few exclusions. Renters insurance benefits exceed more than it’s coverage as it also provides payment for indirect costs that may arise if your home is deemed uninhabitable and you need to move to a new apartment.

The Average Cost Of Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance typically costs almost half a dollar a day to provide thorough protection for your belongings.

The national average for Renters Insurance coverage cost $184 annually. If in your apartment your valuables are worth more than the affordable cost of this coverage than it is in your best interest to buy renters insurance protection.

You can be paying close to $.60 a day to protect your property and assure you aren’t paying a much larger bill if something were to ever go wrong.

What Makes Renters Insurance More Valuable Today?

In today’s world of technology the average home has 27 electronic devices. In your apartment, condo or house we are willing to bet you can think of the three hardest things to replace and it will total more than the annual cost of a renters insurance policy.

Renters Insurance Can No Longer Be Ignored

We are scared by the recent results of I.I.I.’s study reporting how rare renters insurance is today. It is in your best interest to have this great coverage. It can’t wait any longer! If you are a renter let’s talk today about how you can protect your home, your property, and your future.

Getting good renters insurance is easy.

Let us help you find the best renters insurance coverage for you.

  1. First, call our Georgia and Florida Insurance Company and tell us your situation.
  2. Our agents will take the time to explain the best options for you and what insurance coverage you need.
  3. We will then shop your policy with numerous carriers to find the cheapest insurance coverage with the best coverage.
  4. Your new agent will call you back and share some tips to protect your home, ways to save and assure you that you are now covered.

It can take as little as an hour to provide coverage for your apartment in some cases. We want to provide you with good renters insurance to guarantee your success. Our insurance agency is interested in your best interest and believe for your apartment, condo, or house renters insurance is a wise option.

Our Insurance Agency Wants To Pair You With The Best Renters Insurance

Honestly, what is best is the fact you are covered. We are able to price your coverage very competitively but what makes Southern States Insurance different from working with any other insurance carrier is our personal service.

We are changing what good insurance means today. When we want to provide the best renters insurance possible we believe that comes with tips to save, a relationship with your agent, and someone to answer any questions you may have. We also would love to connect and engage on social media to help you save on other types of insurance coverage.

In conclusion, get renters insurance.

It is increasingly popular to be uninsured as a renter, but it is extremely inexpensive to cover your rental property and with the vast amount of protection that comes with good renters insurance coverage we recommend everyone to buy this protection. Renters insurance provides great coverage for a cheap price.

Our insurance agency knows Renters Insurance is in your best interest and we will help guide you to being best protected. Don’t wait to get a free renters insurance quote today.