Some beauticians are too talented and have too big of a heart to remain confined to their hair salon.

When a beautician travels to cut hair off-site the risk exposure changes. In these circumstancesInland Marine coverage would cover the stylist off-premises.

Our insurance agency may recommend off-premisises hairstylist insurance to be added to your policy after assessing your risks, but it is important to let your insurance agent know the details of your business to be best covered.

When Would I need Off-Premises Hairstylist Insurance?

In every circumstance you are cutting hair as a hairstylist outside of your hair salon, in order to be properly insured you need this additional coverage. If you are:

  • Cutting hair in hospitals
  • Out cutting hair at an event or fundraiser
  • In clients homes

All circumstances would require adding off-premises hairstylist coverage with an Inland Marine exposure is something to consider.

In most circumstances this coverage is rare, but if you travel to hospitals, senior centers or someone else’s home this is the protection you need.

How To Get This Coverage?

It’s as simple as giving our insurance agency a call or filing out the quote form on this page. We would love to help you have the hairstylist insurance coverage you need and if you are working off site this additional coverage is a must.

Our insurance agents can help you better understand what risks you face and pair you with this coverage in a short amount of time to be sure you are protected.

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