Flood insurance is available as a separate coverage and is not covered in your homeowners insurance policy. This insurance is only required to those who live in a Special Flood Hazard Area (S.F.H.A.) or are in a high-risk flood zone. Is this still added coverage that needs to be considered even if you are in a low risk flood zone? The answer is Yes.

The Risk of Flooding is Greater Than You Think

Flooding is the second most common natural disaster in the United States, costing Americans an average of $4 Billion each year.

Costal properties are not the only homes affected. In fact, every home faces risk of floods, as we have recently experienced from severe storms.

You can measure your flood zone risk and calculate the likelihood of flood for your home, but every home faces chance of flooding.

Understanding the high risk of flooding and the fact that a typical homeowners insurance policy excludes flood insurance coverage, we encourage you to consider adding this policy. This is especially important if your house could be flooded by melting snow, an overflowing creek or pond, or water running down a steep hill.

Flood Season is Here, What Do I Need To Do To Protect My Home?

There are measures you can make around the home to protect from the likelihood of flood damage, including clearing out drainage, landscaping, and securing any outdoor belongings. These will only minimize your chance of damage and will not bring about restoration following a flood. The best measure to protect your home is to add flood insurance coverage.

There is a 30 day waiting period for your flood insurance policy to take effect, and this time of year bad weather is likely. We suggest you contact your independent insurance agency, and discuss the additional coverage options to protect your home.

What Every Georgia Homeowner Needs To Know

  • Flood insurance is an added coverage & we recommended all homeowners to talk with their insurance agent because all homes are at risk of flood.
  • Flood insurance coverage is not included in a homeowners insurance policy.
  • Flood insurance is affordable and when considering the damage floods can cause, flood insurance is a must. Even a small amount of water can cause great damage.
  • Excess flood insurance is also available. This additional coverage may be one you wish to have with one of our insurance agents as they advice you on your insurance needs.

Review your homeowners insurance policy to understand your coverage and know at Southern States Insurance we will gladly advise you on your insurance coverage to help you succeed.

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