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In understanding if your employer life insurance coverage is enough, it is important to evaluate how much life insurance do you and your family need. The only way you are going to know if your coverage is enough is how well it holds up against your financial needs. By not knowing your employee life insurance circumstances the best question we can ask to access your coverage is “How much life insurance do you need?”

Our insurance company believes the best life insurance coverage for you is a policy that is tailored to your unique insurance needs.

There isn’t a “better company” or “trick” to finding the insurance you need, the solution is understanding which coverage specifically address your exposure and simply finding it for the best cost.

Employee Life Insurance Coverage

Life insurance through your employer most often is offered in one of two formats. Employees will either be given:

  1. A flat rate of coverage OR
  2. An amount of coverage multiplied by your annual salary

Even in the most generous coverage plans the employee life insurance plan may need some additional coverage. Our Georgia insurance agency won’t know what will be enough coverage to provide for your family until we understand what it takes to provide for your family. Understanding every case to be unique, may create more work but also allows us to provide the best life insurance coverage for each individual. Most commonly employee life insurance alone doesn’t provide enough coverage.

Pairing your employer provided life insurance policy with a combination of additional life insurance is a popular choice to protect families.

Determining Your Need For Life Insurance

The same way you have your car worked on my a professional, a 5 star meal is cooked by a professional chef, our insurance agency wants to tailor coverage to fit you and we do that by getting to understand your needs.

By speaking with one of our independent insurance agents you will feel confident every exposure has been addressed and the advice we give is for your success rather than self gain.

The main factors to consider are:

  • Your family’s cost of living
  • Recurring bill payments and debt
  • New expenses incurred because of the loss of you or your spouse
  • Future expenses such as cars, college and retirement

Along with numerous other components to address – to best determine your need for life insurance, speak with a trustworthy knowledgeable agent.

A Word Of Life Insurance Advice

Be confident your coverage is substantial to your family’s needs. The best measurable method to determine your exposure and coverage is by talking with an experienced professional.

Good life insurance advice that is unbiased is hard to come by, but don’t assume you have the coverage you need. Our agency is built on relationship and losing trust breaks relationship. If you are interested in learning if we can help you save on your life insurance or add coverage to your employee life insurance policy in order to be best protected we are available to help.

Talk with a life insurance agent and be confident you are protected and your family will be taken care of in the unfortunate event of a claim.