Umbrella Liability

Remember the Scout’s motto? Be prepared. As a business owner, it’s important to prepare for every possible circumstance to guarantee the greater success of your business.

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How Much Is Excess Liability Insurance Going To Cost?

Umbrella policies usually cost much less than your primary insurance. As a business owner it makes good sense to add that extra layer of protection, because it is of little cost and provides great reward if necessary. We recommend the added insurance coverage to protect your business and see your profitable success.

We write business insurance for numerous types of companies and types of business and would love to hear what type of business you do. We have experience with all types of business insurance and can work to find you good insurance coverage tailored to your needs.

Why Is Excess Umbrella Liability Insurance Important As a Business Owner

Excess Umbrella Liability ensures you’ll have enough money to pay for an expensive law suit.  An Umbrella acts like a safety net by extending your primary liability limits to a higher amount.

If your company is sued for an excessively large amount, you may exceed your primary insurance limits. That’s where an umbrella policy takes over.