The weather in 2012 has been determined to stay unusually warm and drier than in years past. This last January was registered as the fourth warmest in Georgia’s recorded weather history. Early forecasts believe the weather conditions are more than favorable to produce “above-normal tornados” this season.

With more tornados expected on the horizon, we will work hard to keep you safe and updated on the ways you can take preventative measures to ensure your safety.

What exactly does more tornado activity mean?

Last year there were 1,709 tornados across the United States and 2011 was recorded as the fourth most deadly tornado year. It nearly broke the record of most tornados during a one years span of 1,817 during the 2004 year. The south is expected to begin seeing tornados through out the months of March and April, but history shows April through June are most likely for tornados.

How can you prepare for severe weather situations?

  • We recommend downloading the AccuWeather App for the iPhone that monitors severe weather conditions and predicts likelihood of storm changes.
  • Keep a crank radio nearby to listen to updated weather reports, in case of power failure.
  • Know where to go during severe weather (most interior place in your house, away from windows, lowest point of your house)
  • Talk with your family (especially children) about what to do when severe weather strikes.
  • Know where your flashlights are and keep fresh batteries in them, especially during severe storm season. (Your flashlight on your phone will only drain your battery, try to maintain phone battery especially if power goes out.)
  • If you’re in your car on the road and you see a tornado, get out and get to the lowest place you can (drainage ditch on the side of the road).
  • Do not hide under a bridge or overpass, as debris picked up by the tornado will funnel into those areas.
  • Take severe weather alerts seriously and heed warnings to take shelter.

Our Georgia Insurance Company will continue to share information about severe weather safety and preparations to keep you well informed. If you have any additional advice please share! Our insurance agency wants to be sure you are prepared and safe, please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions especially regarding your Georgia home insurance!

What other preparations do you suggest? What questions do you have about severe weather that we can answer for you?