In today’s globally and socially connected world, is there a chance we miss out on things that are offline? Recent ad campaigns laugh at this concept, but we want to highlight a favorite experience of ours, theater!

One of the most unique forms of entertainment is the world of acting! We have an insurance agent on our staff who has gone to see a show at The FOX every year of his life since he was young boy. There is nothing like enjoying a good play, well unless you go for free.

How to Win FREE Tickets to Tater Patch Players

Our clients, Tater Patch Players, would love to give away a pair of tickets to two lucky winners!

How To Enter:

– Go to our Facebook Page and tell us “WHY YOU LOVE SOUTHERN STATES INSURANCE?”

– 2 winners will be announced on April 2 to win a PAIR OF TICKETS!

About Tater Patch Players

Tater Patch Players has a new home in Jasper, GA and their productions are always enjoyable! Their upcoming plays include The Foreigner, Gypsy, and The Miracle Worker. There is something so true to the experience of theatre that can only be understood after enjoying a play!

Go experience the Tater Patch Players theater, better yet experience it on us!