Forget an introduction paragraph! We’ve got bad news to share so we’re going to get through it quickly – Let’s get strait to the stats!

Why Georgia drivers have reason to complain:

  • Georgia ranked 5th in auto misery ranking (a ranking system described below)
  • Atlanta is 4th ranked in the nation for amount of Road Rage.
  • Over 70 Drivers are hurt in a car crash every hour in Georgia.
  • Georgia is the 4th worst state for car theft in the nation.
  • Georgia ranked 17th in most costly car insurance.
  • Atlanta is ranked 4th for worst traffic in the country.

We know the numbers are bad, but do your friends know how strong of a person you are to endure Georgia traffic for so much of your life. Tell them your allowed to complain the stats prove it.

It’s Tough In Atlanta

According to, who compiled average number of miles driven, price of gas, price of car insurance, and average income to develop a system to rank the most miserable states to drive in. This ranking is referred to as a state’s auto misery index. But as the numbers show it doesn’t just stop their – most statistics prove it is tough to be a driver in Atlanta.

The numbers are pretty compelling to give Georgia a reason to envy 45 other states for their roads. But then again there are plenty of reasons other states envy us Georgia residents – sports teams, education, sweet tea, southern charm, and too many to list. Georgia is a great state, but the drivers are put through some of the worst conditions! Although, we are no Mississippi, who is ranked number one for auto misery (Well done Mississippi you always seem to have a lockdown on statistics you don’t want).

The Best Advice To Stay Safe & Enjoy Traffic

When you experience a long commute regularly it is common you learn how to make the most of that time. Some drivers choose book on tap, talk shows, listening to podcasts, but research recently suggest singing in the car while driving greatly influences your driving – for the better!

It’s true. Singing in the car while driving may be the solution you seek to not hate sitting in traffic and have less traffic accidents as it leads to safer driving habits. Learn more about the effects of singing in the car while driving.

Words Of Advice To Beat The Ranking

The misery index issued ranked states by miles driven, price of gas, cost of car insurance and average income. Here is our advice to manage each of the factors contributing to miserable roadway experiences.

    Miles driven – leave earlier for work to beat morning traffic, download a live updating traffic app for your mobile device to reroute you in the event of a traffic jam or accident and bundle your trips and consolidate errands.

    Price of Gas– Force is mass multiplied by acceleration and if you can reduce the force is takes to propel your car you can save on fuel used. Keep your car clean and trunk empty so your car isn’t as heavy and try to maintain a slow and steady speed.

    Cost of Car Insurance– The best way to save on car insurance is to shop your policy. Working with an independent insurance agency can give you access to numerous markets to find the best price and learn if you can save on your premiums.

    Average Income– It is difficult to give advice to help you make more money, but we can help you save money! We recommend doubling up on cooking, buy nonperishables only while on sale, and other simple money saving tips such as using dryer balls rather than sheets.

Okay, Atlanta

Don’t be too down. You’re still living in one of the greatest cites ever! Just when you think the traffic is too much remember you are living in –

  • The birthplace of Coca-Cola
  • The home of the Braves/Falcons/Hawks
  • The hip-hop capital of the world
  • A rising film and production city
  • The host of the 1996 Olympics
  • The largest state east of the Mississippi

The reasons why Georgia is such a great place to live could go on forever, and we haven’t even talked about the weather and the food.

But, if you are looking for a pick me up our insurance company in Georgia would love to help you have some good news to go along with the newest statistics you’ve read and help you save money on your car insurance costs!