Georgia Homeowners Insurance Price Increased

home insuranceGeorgia homeowners have likely noticed the cost of their Homeowners Insurance on the rise. Insurance premiums have increased over the past years. Often, supplemented by little explanation from the representative insurance company. It’s one thing if your premium increases with additional coverage, but another when the coverage remains the same and your paying more.

What is to blame? And, how can it be avoided?

As much as we would like to point the finger at the ‘mean old’ insurance company, this won’t solve any problems and actually is not the cause of the problem. Bummer, that would have been a good answer.

A significant amount of the price increase is due to the increasing numbers of natural disasters being felt in the Southeast. Unfortunately, the high increase in claims has put a great deal of stress on the insurance companies who are fearful of finding themselves again in similar messes. Thus, increased premiums.

In Georgia alone, insurers have seen rates increased as State Farm Fire and Casualty has gone up 7%, Allstate Fire and Casualty has jumped 23.9%, and Nationwide has bumped up 9.6%. In these stressing economic times, every expense is accounted for and any money saved is valuable. We understand that.

By seeking out an independent insurance agency, you can expect to find the best coverage to insure you in the worst of times at a price the best suits your needs. An independent insurance agency compares quotes from a number of companies represented to compare the best option for each client’s needs. If you’re experiencing increased rates in your homeowners premiums then explore contacting a local independent agency.

The advantage to a local agency is we are experiencing the natural disasters and weather conditions with you. It isn’t an issue of having to convince the agency of the severity or the value of your home. We know the street you’re off of and the worth and beauty of where you live and are going to be invested in getting you back to normal.

Don’t feel as though you are trapped into the prices you are told, but seek another opinion. We offer free quotes and can compare prices for you and we’ll be sure you are provided with coverage that will ensure your thriving success.