Hey Hey I Wanna Be A Rockstar

Everyone has had their rockstar moments cruising down the road and belting out their favorite songs! Typically the music has to be loud enough to drown out your own voice, but your performance undoubtedly is so good not even music critic Simon Cowell could talk you down!

We all have those driving moments and maybe we could use more of them!

Recent studies done in England and Australia reveal driving while singing in the car may actually make you a safer driver!

Interestingly enough driving while singing can greatly effect your driving behavior even what genre you are listening to can influence you both for the good and bad.

Turn Up The Music

The roads are dangerous and often far from fun. Everything from road rage, stop and go traffic and long commutes contribute to a road experience that is longing for you to hook up your playlist just to seek some relief, but now it may also be your answer to a safer drive.

The study suggests listening and singing to music while in the car actually boosts driving performance in the following ways.

  1. I’m Wide Awake

    Drivers while singing in the car were reported to fall asleep less than other motorists. Drivers stuck in traffic have been recorded to nod off while waiting, but as you can imagine it is hard to fall asleep while singing.

  2. Wobble

    Listening to music caused better lane-keeping performance from drivers as they were more likely to hold the center of their lane of travel as compared to less musical drivers.

  3. Fastest Girl In Town

    The study revealed drivers to feel more relaxed and drive slower while listening to music. The England report recorded “sixty-three percent of the safest drivers say the music they listen to behind the wheel makes them feel calmer.”

Settle Down

We realize upon hearing these shocking statistics you plan to conquer every future mile with your speakers turned up. The study had bad news to report as well and their are risks drivers need to be aware of. Below is a negative consequence listening to music had on drivers and something all drivers need to be aware of while listening to their favorite songs.

While listening to music drivers took somewhat longer to respond to potentially hazardous stimuli ahead of them. Drivers often experience something referred to as “cognitive tunneling,” where drivers more focus on the area closest to them and ignore the area ahead and checking mirrors.

How The Music Genre Effects Your Driving Performance

According to the study conducted in Europe the results found can be skewed by your music preference and what you are listening to as you drive down the road.

Hardcore music lead to unsafe driving causing motorists to tense up behind the wheel.

Pop and Acoustic music had the best effects on drivers and ultimately lead to the safest roadway experience.

The study goes as far to narrow down the three top artists to create the safest driving practices which includes Johnny Cash, Cristina Aguilera and Britney Spears. Not sure how that lines up with your musical tastes, but you get the idea.

It’s Always A Good Time

Why does music effect us to become safer drivers in some ways while on the road? Psychologists say we subconsciously realize how distracting music can be and adjust accordingly to drive more safely. Consider how we consider driving with the music on as being dangerous by noting how most people reach to turn the music off or turn it down when it is raining. Because of our understanding of the risks music brings it causes us to respond with a higher level of attention and focus to the roads.

In order to celebrate the good news about driving while singing, Southern States Insurance is sharing the best car singing scenes from film and television.

Top Car Singing Moments

Step Brothers

Big Bang Theory

The Last Song

That last girl sounds just like Hannah Montanna.

Stay Safe On The Roads

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Challenge: There are 7 songs referenced in headlines. How many can you identify?