Southern States Insurance wants your hair salon business to succeed. We want to help you before things go wrong and we will gladly help you if they ever do.

The best way we can help you is pair you with an independent insurance agent to help you understand your coverage and ways to save. Our agents will find you the best business insurance coverage for your hair salon for the cheapest price, additionally to their investment in your success.

We are different, and we want to cut the costs down on your hair salon insurance.

Can Our Insurance Company Insure Every Hair Salon?

We can insure ANY hair salon.

Service may be offered on a walk-in basis, by appointment only or both – we will insure you. You may offer massages, nail care, tanning beds, cosmetic consulting or other additional service – we will insure you. Hairstylists may be insured as individual contractors or deemed as employees – we will insure you.

There are very few businesses our insurance company can’t provide good insurance coverage for, and we will be able to insure your hair salon business no matter the size, offered services, or other ranging factors.

How Much Is Hair Salon Insurance?

The variables we mentioned above (additional services, appointment only, employee relationship etc.) all play a role in the risk exposure your salon faces.

Your premium is directly going to be proportionate to the amount of risk your salon is exposed to. There are ways we can advice you to lower the costs of your salon insurance, but it is up to how your salon operates.

What Insurance Do You Recommend For My Hair Salon?

Each salon insurance quote is going to be based on the coverages aligned with the business’s needs. We would recommend most hair salon insurance coverage need to consider the following, or at least have a conversation about the following with an insurance agent:

Southern States Insurance will tailor a policy to fit your unique needs.

Getting a quote is as simple as providing your basic information and allowing us to learn more about you and your hair salon business.

Salon Insurance Advice From Southern States Insurance

Here is our advice to you if you are currently insured, looking for insurance, or just simply learning about hair salon insurance coverage.

  1. SHOP! Shop your insurance coverage with multiple carriers to assure you are paying the best price possible, for they coverage you need. The second part of that sentence is very important (coverage you need). Do not be lured into an attractive price that lacks coverages.
  2. COMPARE! What is the difference between shop and compare? One is specifically focused on price of product while the other is quality of business. What does the insurer offer the insured as far as quality of service? Is the company one you feel comfortable calling with a concern? Are they easily accessible; even to possibly be reached through Facebook and Twitter? Are they going to put effort out to help my business succeed?

    Find a company who wants to help with your success.

  3. LEARN! Our insurance company works to continually provide blogs on ways to save or resources of current news and risks business industry’s face. We want our clients to be aware of changing hazards and risks and work to provide resources for them to learn.

Southern States Insurance is an independent insurance agency. We believe in personal service and want to help our clients reach their dreams. We write insurance coverage through numerous carriers so we are able to shop our clients policies and find them the most competitive prices.

If your hair salon business would be interested in learning more or receiving a free insurance quote, don’t hesitate. Start the relationship. We would love to hear from you and help your salon succeed.

Get a free salon insurance quote from our Georgia insurance company and start something good.

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