The words “Home Sweet Home” can be said with a little more confidence in some cities. Aon Hewitt released the Peoples Risk Index ranking over 130 cities worldwide on their measurable risk exposure (A link to the entire list is at the bottom of this page).

Risk levels were measured by factors such as demographics, access to education, talent development, employment practices and government regulations. We sifted through the 130 cities and compiled the list of the highest and lowest risk cities in the United States.

The Top 5 Lowest Risk Cities In The U.S.

5. Philadelphia

4. Chicago

3. Boston

2. Los Angeles

1. New York

We would have never guessed New York to be the number one spot! Although, it is no surprise the ‘city of brotherly love’ made the list of lowest risk cities. Were you surprised by any city’s that made or didn’t make the list?

Our insurance agency in Atlanta (Atlanta ranked well as a low risk city to live in) thought the lowest risk cities were interesting, but we wanted the news on the highest risk cities!

Top 5 Highest Risk Cities In The U.S.

5. Denver

4. Phoenix

3. Seattle

2. Washington D.C.

1. Detroit

If you travel often, or have any relationship with these cities, we would love to know your opinion on how they rank! And if you think it is an accurate portrayal of risk?

To see the entire list of “131 Highest Risk Cities in the World” visit Aon Hewitts People Risk Ratings research page.

Understanding risk exposure is key to minimizing the amount of risks you face. With Southern States Insurance we work with you to mitigate your risks and pair you with insurance coverage that gives you protection for your unique needs. Be safe wherever you go.