How many times has one of your major household appliances broken down? The refrigerator, the stove or maybe it was the AC unit that just quit working in the middle of August. These types of repairs are terribly costly, and often the warranty on these appliances are only good for a year or two. After that, your things are essentially unprotected.

You may think that your home insurance covers your appliances, but did you know that your insurance does not cover wear and tear? Generally, those will be the reasons your home appliances will break, so you have to set aside the extra time and money to get things back where they should be. This is when a home protection plan can be greatly beneficial, as a way to supplement an insurance plan.

A home protection plan, such as the ones offered by UtiliPRO, will give you protection for all of your major household appliances, should they happen to break. By using an appliance protection plan, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars in repair costs. Most of these plans will cover both gas and electric appliances, including your:

  • Washer/Dryer
  • Furnace
  • Central Air and Heating Unit
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Range/Oven
  • Freezer
  • Water Heater/Boiler

Since it is inevitable that your appliances will probably need repair someday, and replacing them entirely is too expensive, you will want to consider a home protection plan. be sure to consider your losses before they happen!

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