30 seconds. In that amount of time a small flame can grow out of control and become a major fire. Every 80 seconds a house fire is reported, with these tips our insurance company in Georgia can work to bring that number down and keep you safe.

Common Mistakes & House Fire Prevention Tips

  • Lack of fire extinguishers –More than 2 million fires are reported each year, but still few homes have fire extinguishers. It is amazing that it is such a common mistake. In large homes we recommend multiple fire extinguishers readily available. Especially in the kitchen as 26% of home fires start in the kitchen.
  • Inspect your water heater –Often people forget to check their water heater or have it inspected. Water heaters have a shelf life of 8 – 10 years and then often need to be replaced. Be sure there is never an open flame and no flammable objects are in proximity.
  • Check fire alarms –A working fire alarm drastically increases a persons chance of survival. It is estimated over 40% of home fires occur in homes of non-functioning fire alarms.

We spent a day with Reliable Restoration in a recent home fire, and as you walk in the only thing you can think is “Wow”. They said the reaction is always the same when it is someone’s first time seeing the externes and expanse of fire damage. Reliable Restoration shared with us things people need to understand about fires:

Time is short

Fire happens faster than people realize. In two minutes an entire room can be consumed in flames and smoke. It is shocking how fast a fire consumes. In any case of a major fire you need to focus on escaping and do not try to collect any valuables. The fire will continue to grow out of hand quickly.

It is complete darkness

Did you know fire is dark? After a short burst of light, a fire produces a blinding smoke that results in near complete darkness. It becomes difficult to see and maintain orientation.

Flames aren’t always the most deadly

The smoke and toxic gases produced by the fire often kill more people than the actual flames themselves. Fire burns up the oxygen you need and produces smoke and poisonous gases that kill. Breathing in the slightest amounts of smoke and toxic gases can cause drowsiness, shortness of breath and make you disoriented. The odorless, colorless fumes can lull you into a deep sleep before the flames reach your door.

In Conclusion:

Fire’s happen fast and you can take steps now to be best prepared. Fire extinguishers, frequent inspections of your water heater, and monitoring your fire alarms can save lives and minimize potential fire damage.

It is shocking to witness the damage from a fire. Please be safe and talk with your family about how to be best prepared and what to do. Let our insurance agency discuss with you the details of your Georgia home insurance policy. We want you to know you have the right insurance coverage and are prepared in case of a fire insurance claim.

What questions do you still have about home fires and how to be prepared?

What else could you do to be best prepared, that our insurance agency hasn’t mentioned?