Which Dogs Can Make Your Homeowners Insurance Cost Bite?

Beware of dog signDepending on what breed of dog you own, your homeowners insurance could greatly be effected even as far as to being dropped!

A dog adds a great amount of liability for a homeowner and over the most recent years the number of dog bites and injuries caused by dogs has steadily increased.


Here are the dog-gone facts:

  • There are a reported 4.5 million dog bite claims every year.
  • Dog-bite claims account for more than one-third of all homeowners insurance liability claims.
  • Dog-bite claims cost insurers about $413 million in 2010 (Higher than previous years and continuing to rise).

And the statistics just go on and on.

Frequently Blacklisted Breeds Of Dogs Due To Risk History

Certain breeds of dogs have built up a reputation for the wrong reasons. We initially recommend avoiding these breeds of dogs below. Particular breeds are blacklisted by some insurance companies, and even homeowners associations. Be sure to check with both before making any decision. Or something to discuss with both prior to shopping for home insurance coverage.

  • Pit bulls
  • Rottweilers
  • Chow chows
  • German shepherds
  • Doberman pinschers
  • Presa Canario bulldogs
  • Great Danes
  • Boxers

Every dog has a risk of biting and attacking someone, and the dogs listed above can certainly be trained to be the sweetest dogs and best pets! We know every situation is unique and believe the best thing you can do is be educated, and educate your dog.

The Best Way To Protect Yourself and Protect Others

Dog training classes will greatly reduce the likelihood of an attack and give you a greater amount of comfort in controlling your dog.

Did you know? 50% of all dog bites occur on the homeowners property. Dogs are very territorial, and without proper training, your home can become a danger to others – invest in dog training classes.

Why Insurance Companies Increase Liability Costs For Homeowners With Certain Breeds Of Dogs

If you are considering adding a dog as a member of your family, consider speaking to your insurance agent first to gain insight into particular breeds and practices that could affect your homeowners insurance cost.

Dog bit claims and cost are on the rise:

  • There were more than 16,292 dog bite insurance claims in 2011.
  • In 2011, the average claim paid to a victim of a bite was $29,396
  • Many states make dog owners legally liable for deaths or injuries caused by their dogs.

As a homeowner with a dog, you can be held 100% liable for all injuries cause by your canine friend. You may think your lovely pooch would never hurt anyone, but dog attacks occur shockingly often. The best thing you can do is to look into dog lessons.

Anything you can do to minimize the risk of your dog acting aggressively or causing harm to others is a worthwhile investment. Look into dog training classes, invisible fences, stationary leashes, and general dog education. Even spaying and neutering a dog can improve its disposition, especially with male dogs.

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