The cost of your car insurance is based on numerous factors, and to get the best price you need to manage each them to become most preferable.

Let’s focus on: Model and Color.

The Cost of Car Insurance vs. Car Model

If we are to assume all variables remain true for an individual (residence territory, usage, driver’s age, marital status, driving record, qualified discounts) and the only changing factor is the car model we can observe the effect the type of car plays on car insurance cost. Also, we are going to assume the insurance carrier remains the same for all types of cars been quoted.

Car Model Can Greatly Impact The Price of Your Car Insurance!

Here are some examples of what price difference can look like.

Below is a list of some popular cars, in descending cost order, with the percentage that they compare to the most expensive vehicle insurance listed:

  • Ford Mustang GT (Compare all cars below to this price)
  • Honda Civic – 58% less
  • Chevy Cobalt – 59% less
  • Kia Spectra – 60% less
  • Ford Ranger – 63% less
  • Chrysler PT Cruiser – 64% less
  • Ford F150 – 65% less
  • Ford Taurus – 67% less
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee – 67% less

Our Georgia insurance agency suggests you contact your independent insurance agent to give you a quote comparison on different vehicles when you are looking at buying a new car. The model of car greatly effects how much your car insurance costs, sometimes up to double!

Talking with one of our insurance agents can help you save up 50% on your car insurance by comparing quotes and seeking some advice before you make a purchase.

Cost of Car Insurance vs. Car Color

When you are requesting an insurance quote one question doesn’t seem to come up too often, “The color of your car”. Why? Because it does not make a difference!

Car Color Doesn’t Effect The Price of Your Car Insurance!

There are rumors that red cars are the most expensive to insure, this is FALSE! The color of your car has no impact on the price of your car insurance!

We often have customers request free insurance quotes and shy back on the phone as they are hesitant to ask how much the price increases since they drive a yellow or red colored car, or excitingly assume they get savings for driving a blue car.

There are 7 main factors you have influence over that directly effect the cost of your insurance rates. They often take time to manage best, but by being aware of which areas to focus on, you can work towards cheaper insurance everyday.

Southern States Insurance would love to give you a free quote on your insurance or help you understand the best insurance coverage for your circumstances and give you the insurance advice you are looking for. Our insurance agents would be glad to give you direction and the answers you are looking for. Don’t always believe the rumors you hear, but trust the insurance professionals.

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