We welcome any opportunity to explain the advantages of an independent insurance agency. The conversation always ends well, because an independent insurance agency:

  • offers the best insurance coverage available
  • builds strong relationships with clients
  • exists in the local community

An Independent Insurance Agency is Able to Offer the Best Coverage at the Lowest Price


As an independent insurance agency, we work with with a large list of insurance carriers and can shop your policies. We work with the insurance company you may have been considering, but also with many more you likely haven’t even heard of. We work with you to understand your needs and find the best coverage at an affordable price.

Working with an independent insurance agency only guarantees you pay the least for the best coverage because we can compare coverage and premiums with all of our insurance carriers.

An Independent Insurance Agency Develops a Personal Relationship with the Insured

Your insurance policy is based off of your unique situation and need. We get to know you and diagnosis the risks you’re faced with on a regular basis. We then tailor a unique policy that fits your lifestyle, and that isn’t the ending point but it’s the start to a relationship.

Working with an independent insurance agency means you get personal service. When you call, someone doesn’t look you up by your sixteen digit policy number. We know our clients by name and they know us. We are involved in helping them achieve their goals and endeavors and don’t let any unforeseen circumstances stop them.

An Independent Insurance Agency is Local


We have branches of our Georgia insurance company scattered through out the state and also a Florida insurance branch. We continue to grow and look to be in more clients neighborhoods in the coming years.

When storms come or tragedy strikes, we are there to help and get the community back on its feet. Not because it is our job, but because it is our home too and we want our community to be back to normal.

Our independent insurance agency has branches in Douglasville, Norcross, Hiram, Marietta, Sugarloaf, Ellijay, Toccoa, Lawrenceville, and Destin. This doesn’t limit our services across the nation but allows us to provide more personal service to those closest to us. Southern States Insurance writes insurance policies nationwide.

In Conclusion:

Working with an independent insurance agency, like Southern States Insurance, allows you to be part of a relationship. Insurance agents are invested in helping our clients achieve their successes and work to let nothing hinder their goals. With us you are part of a conversation, and not simply buying a product.

We know there are many misconceptions about insurance companies, and some of the opinions people have built up have been based on insurance companies taking advantage of clients. Our clients are convinced that insurance is something meant to help them achieve their successes and their goals.

Let us show you how we can help you achieve your goals. We know working with an independent insurance agency is the best way to offer you a personal experience and the best coverage available.

If you like your current insurance carrier, but want to switch agents, you are going to need an agent of record. Let us help you with any questions to be sure you’re completely satisfied with your insurance policy.