How To Find A Water Leak In Your Home

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How To Find A Water Leak In Your Home In 4 Easy Steps:

  • Turn off the main water valve, then check the water meter outside your home. If it’s still moving, water is flowing somewhere. Did you know that average household leaks can amount to 10,000 gallons of water, every year?
  • Check your water bill- a bigger water bill probably means you have a leak. The average cost of a claim due to water damage is about $7, 039 and is the second-most frequently filed homeowner insurance claim.
  • Inspect your washer, dishwasher and other water-related appliances for worn or damaged hoses at least once a year.
  • Look all around the house. Water gets in from damaged roofs seeps in through wet foundations and can appear where you least expect it. And don’t forget irrigation systems outdoors! Over 6 thousand gallons of water can be wasted each month due to an irrigation leak no larger than the thickness of a dime.

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