The best four…five…eh…six years of your life!

The college years are a wonderful time of life and during a students experience at the university money is tight! We understand even the word “discount” is too expensive on a college budget and students only can afford the word “free”.

Southern States Insurance company wants to help keep student’s money in their pockets and save the stress and worry for their final exams!

The Best Ways To Receive The Cheapest Car Insurance As A College Student

  1. Learn what discounts you can qualify for.
  2. Know the 7 main factors insurance companies use to rate insurance.
  3. Don’t wait to get the insurance coverage you need (unless you want to pay more).

Let’s Talk Car Insurance Discounts!

It may be a reflex for college students to ask for discounts and extra credit whenever their is any opportunity. What puts college students at such a large disadvantage for car insurance coverage is they have little experience. Most college goers shopping for student car insurance don’t know what price is competitive and what questions to ask to receive the best price possible!

Discounts College Students Need To Pay Attention To

  • Good Student Discount – If the enrolled student can maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA from the previous semester the driver likely qualifies for the appropriate discount. NOTICE: Student must be enrolled full-time and under 25 years of age.

    Also, the discount is based on the previous semester and must be updated after each subsequent semester. Meaning, if a student takes a semester off for any reason, the approaching semester most-likely isn’t eligible for the discount.

  • Distant Student Discount – Some auto-insurance companies will offer the family discount if the student is a considerable distance away and won’t be driving the insured vehicle. Most often the student must be over 100 miles away and meet other criteria that vary from carrier to carrier. If the student is paying their own insurance, this likely isn’t an option
  • Defensive Driving Course – Taking the initiative to enroll in a driving course can reduce your car insurance rate and help you to find the cheapest insurance possible. The course can provide discount for 36 months and then must be taken again to receive the benefits.

The Biggest Price Influencing Factors Of A Car Insurance Policy

To get the most competitive rate on your auto insurance policy not just for college aged students but for any age, there are factors to consider that the insurance carriers look at to understand the risk of insuring you and your car.

To receive the cheapest insurance possible you must identify each influencing factor and maintain preferable status. Knowing the 7 Main factors insurance carriers use to price your car insurance coverage can save you money the rest of your life.

Act Now To Save More & Work With Higher Rated Insurance Carriers

One of the factors that influence your price greatly is if you are priorly insured. If you are coming off of your parents insurance policy and you are going to be responsible for your own car insurance coverage, get it immediately. By having insurance in place you help yourself by:

  • Receiving a prior coverage discount
  • Being rated better with insurance carriers
  • Being more likely to be insured with a standard preferred carrier

Don’t hesitate to receive a free car insurance quote and learn about your car insurance needs

Cheap Car Insurance With Southern States Insurance Company

Cheap insurance can be found by working with an insurance agency who will work to shop your policy with numerous insurance carriers. It is ultimately up to you and your record, but knowing the right questions to ask and what to work towards, together we can insure you for the lowest price with the best coverage for your needs.

Being a student is demanding. You have a full schedule and need to focus on what is important. We want to help you succeed and get you the cheapest insurance quote possible for your car.

To receive an insurance quote now – scroll to the top of the page and lend us your basic information so we can understand what discounts you qualify for and how our carriers can competitively provide you with good insurance coverage. Do not only shop for the cheapest insurance for college students, but look to insure your needs and find the cheapest price available for the coverage you need to succeed.

May your college experience lead you to great success!