The Sobering Reality

Accidents happen, and they happen more often after a few dr>inks & the phrase, “Hey, watch me do this!”

Did you realize that your health insurance company may have the right to deny your claim if there is any alcohol or drugs present during your injury?

In 2008, up to 29 States accepted the Alcohol Exclusion Law allowing insurance companies the right to deny reimbursement to hospitals for treatment to those who are injured while impaired by alcohol or any other non-prescribed drug at the time of injury.

Denial of a claim is based on the “presence of alcohol”. This means any records of alcohol being involved is grounds to deny a claim. The insurance company may deny payment not only if you are above the legal BAC limit or visually intoxicated, but for simply having one drink and it being noted in hospital records or police reports that alcohol was involved.

To protect yourself, first be safe when drinking alcohol because you are more prone to face injuries. Also, review your insurance policy and understand your state laws and if you have any insurance questions our insurance agents would gladly discuss them with you and provide good insurance advice.

In Which States Does The Law Exist?

A majority of states have adopted the Alcohol Exclusion Laws permitting insurance companies to deny coverage in the presence of alcohol. As many as 40 states have upheld the law at one time, including Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida but many have prohibited such law since.

To find out if your specific state upholds the Alcohol Exclusion Law search your state law specifically. More states continue to consider prohibiting the law as unforeseen negative consequences grow as injured drivers maybe deterred from seeking needed medical treatment and physicians given less incentive to test for levels of BAC.

The intention of the law was to discourage drunk driving, intoxicated accidents, and help save the insurance company money. The original purpose of the law was good, but practitioners began to fear they wouldn’t be paid for their services and the consequences of the law were damaging to patients overall care.

There are still states that uphold the law, and can legally deny payment.

Our Georgia Insurance Company’s Goal

Our purpose is to help you succeed, despite when things go wrong. We realize accidents happen and want to protect you, so that when they do you are still able to thrive. All insurance companies follow their own policies and are subject to the state regulations when they are faced to pay an insurance claim. Understand your insurance policy or speak with a licensed independent insurance agent to better predict how your claim will be treated if you have a medical emergency after drinking.

Insurance companies typically don’t question a small hospital bill, but when major bill requires attention, if there are signs of alcohol, be prepared for the reality of paying for it yourself. If you are shopping for a health insurance agent or need advice on how to receive full coverage health insurance our agents would love to give you a free insurance quote.

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