Risk is involved with every decision we make and we decide to proceed if the intended benefits outweigh the risks. Pretty simple, not revolutionary news to deliver, but you’re welcome.

Unfortunately, too often people view potential risk as an “if” condition. Meaning, they don’t believe an accident is likely to occur and carry on accordingly. As an Insurance Company that has been around for twenty years, we have come to expect the “if’s” and are prepared to act accordingly.

This benefits you, our client, greatly.

As opposed to an over the counter agent selling incomplete coverage, we want to be sure that in any and every situation, you are covered. The “if” way of thinking will eventually disappoint you and cause many headaches. As an alternative, join the number of clients we continue to help every year by our “when” mentality.

A “when”  style of thinking understands things can go wrong when you least expect it and it can be under the most unfortunate circumstances. When situations do arise that are not as expected, you want to be able to continue to live the lifestyle you are accustomed to living.

Every Friday we our going to share a video where they expected nothing to go wrong, but watch and see that it did. When the “if’s” actually happen you need to be covered.

Happy Insurance Friday.


We enjoy watching our clients succeed but in the unfortunate events of set backs we will be sure you are fully covered. Don’t approach a situation assuming nothing will go wrong, but be prepared for if it does go wrong to continue to succeed.