Is Insect Season A Concern For Homeowners?

Hotter Seasons Are Favorable For Insect Invasion Bringing Big Concerns

The recent mild seasons of fall and winter coupled with the exceptionally warm spring are unfortunately favorable conditions for the insect population. With practically a non-existent winter through out the country and especially in the southern states many insects have experienced a prolonged feeding and weren’t subject to the harsh winter kill.

Breda Pest Management in Atlanta informed us of two additional factors that influence the expectedly high bug-season as well:

  1. Warmer weather brings out termites early
  2. The lack of rain draws other types of bugs out as well

Why is this a concern for homeowners? Because of what is excluded on homeowners insurance policies.

Learn what threats the insects may bring and what you need to be aware of to protect your home and your finances.

1 – Termite Damage Is Not Covered Under Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

If you see any signs of termites or bugs, seeing one often reveals there are many that are going unseen. They are most recognizable by their lighter color and sometimes near transparent abdomens. The little insects can slowly work to create a big problem.

Termite damage is not covered by your homeowners insurance policy and the best defense is to have a pest management service come and inspect your home! Experts have said the season’s weather have been conductive to termites reproducing, so it is very possible to be at risk to the harmful bugs.

Southern States Insurance suggests you have your home inspected and make efforts to prevent damaging bugs to invade your home. Termite damage is most easily prevented and can save you a great amount of money to fix the problem before it exists.

Termite Tips to Protect Your Home

  • Repair any roof or structural damage as soon as possible.
  • Store firewood, or other piles of debris away from our house.
  • Contact a professional pest control company to regularly inspect your home.

2 – Dead Tree’s Falling Are Not Covered Under Your Home Insurance

This insect fight is a multi-front battle, and homeowners can not forget other consequences of the favorable bug season. Insects can be tree-destroying. With the rise in insect count alone we would have reason to take notice to trees on property. But the warm weather and the lack of rain has had negative consequences on many trees yielding dead trees on your property, they need to be seen as an urgent problem.

Dead trees are not covered under a homeowners insurance policy and it is important to be aware of the health of the trees around your property and neighbors property that could fall onto your own property.

Southern States Insurance Is An Insurance Company Looking Out For You

Insurance shouldn’t be a decision you make based on price or convenience. Find an insurance agency who wants what is best for you. Southern States Insurance hopes you take these notes on the insect population and how it could be detrimental to your home and finances. We want you to succeed and help you stay aware of ways to protect yourself and save you money.

We believe in your success. If you want to know more about us and learn how we can start a relationship, get in touch with us.