Your Costal Property faces unique risks exposures and it is of utmost importance you understand your policy’s coverages and exclusions, before a claim occurs.

One of the most common mistakes is assuming you are covered and not fully understanding your Costal Restaurant Insurance policy’s exclusions. We will help you be best protected from the risks you face.

Does My Costal Restaurant Property Insurance Include Sign Coverage?

Signs are most commonly excluded by many carriers. If you are shopping for your insurance coverage through a carrier rather than an independent insurance agency, it is a coverage you need to address. Even if your sign is attached to the building a lot of the coastal carriers will exclude the sign for wind coverage or possibly have a sublimit.

If you are insured through Southern States Insurance our goal is to help you understand your coverage and how your insurance policy works. We will address if the carrier with the best price and coverage to fit your unique needs includes sign coverage or if it is something we need to add.

What Additional Coverage Should Be Considered For My Coastal Property?

Your restaurant will still face the same risks a normal restaurant is exposed to and then some additional exposures. It is wise to be sure your insurance agent fully understands your business and is able to deliver coverage fit to your needs.

Additional coverages to discuss with an independent insurance agent:

Insurance Advice From Our Agency

Know your policy.

The worst thing to do is assume you are covered or lack needed coverages to your policy. Our insurance agency works to prevent this by getting to know you and your property to fully understand all the risks you face. We give each client specific and unique insurance advice and guidance.

Southern States Insurance would love to help guide you through a conversation about your coastal property insurance coverage and find you the best coverage at the best price possible. If you want to gain from the wisdom of our agents, simply request a free insurance quote or give us a call.