Is The Size Of Your Home Putting You At Risk?

In the busy world around us, it only makes sense to ultimately become people who live a lifestyle that values convenience. A problem that develops at home, is we typically spend most of our time in just a small section of our house. Most people spend the majority of their time in the same few rooms often ignoring the rest of the home.

The Danger

In larger homes it is easy to ignore rooms of less traffic and neglect signs of water damage or fire hazards. These tips will help you check your home and be a happy, safe, and responsible homeowner.

Habits To Start If You Live in a Large Home

  • Walk through rooms of less traffic and look in basements, attics, and crawl spaces. Observe ceilings and walls for signs of water damage or leaks.
  • Purchase fire extinguishers to place through out your home. The larger the home the greater number of fire extinguishers needed and recommended for fire prevention. It is a measure often forgotten, and easy to purchase and can ultimately save tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Inspect your water heater. Water heaters only have a shelf life of 8 – 10 years and water heaters are involved in causing many home fires. Be sure there are no flammable materials close and it is in good condition.
  • As you walk through your home take notice of any suspicious odors and smells, which can be signs of water leaks and possible mold build up.
  • If your home is on septic back up, periodically get your septic tank pumped and set a reminder so you don’t have to deal with an eventual mess.

Why it is so Important to Act Now!

Georgia Home Insurance doesn’t cover neglect. If there are signs of a leak in your home, it is in your best interest to report what you observe to the insurance company as soon as possible. You need to fix the problem before it grows and reporting any damage as soon as it is discovered gives you the best chance your insurance agency will cover the costs.

Often the damage you see is just the tip of the iceberg. A professional is necessary to determine the full extent of the damage. We spent a day with Reliable Restoration and they told us they will gladly give free home estimates and advice.

Homeowners Risk and the Size of Your Home

In larger homes it is a common occurrence to have rooms with less traffic. It is of utmost importance to occasionally walk and observe those rooms for any signs of damage to be sure you are protecting your property and you are not neglecting an existing problem. An insurance claim dealing with fire and water damage can be devastating as the damage toll grows to be large in a short amount of time. It is essential to take the proper precautions to protect your home with good insurance coverage.

We would recommend doing this routine walk through on large holidays when you likely are cleaning for guests to come over already. It is further recommended that you use your smartphone to record you walking through the home to have a digital copy of the items in each room, in case a fire or flood were to damage your property.

Lower insurance rates may seem appealing at first but we want you to make the best decision for your success and not solely based on the cheapest option. We believe we are the best insurance agency for you, and that working with our insurance company in Georgia will show you insurance helps you achieve your goals. We care about our clients and want to help them succeed.