Perfect for your late night option, and will satisfy your hunger all hours of the day. The Landmark Diner is recognized for their history in downtown Atlanta and will brighten your evenings with their glowing building of neon that lights up the streets.

Most downtown restaurants that are near attractions such as Philips Arena, Underground Atlanta or The Fox can tend to be chain restaurants that close shortly after dinner. Not so with the Landmark Diner which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and serves you a generous portion for whatever meal you wish to enjoy. You might leave with enough to eat off of the next day! That’s what we love most about Landmark Diner, the convenience of eating at any time of day, hospitality, and delectable food!

Tucked away in an area where many restaurants close after dinner, Landmark extends it’s hours to always be there ready to serve you with their extensive menu. Most diners offer a variety of menu options and Landmark is no exception. The next time you have multiple opinions and you are having a difficult time deciding where to go, there is no better solution than Landmark to keep everyone happy.

Our Recommendations

  • When you go you will regret not ordering the corned beef hash browns. You will eventually see another table get them while you are eating and you will only be jealous if you don’t have them too.
  • There may be a few items on their extensive menu you are unfamiliar with. Likely the Greek cuisines will be new to you. The best way to conquer these untasted menu items is the Greek Combination Dinner that has a sampling of moussaka, spanakopita, pastichio, taramosalata, grape leaves, feta cheese, gyro meat and wedges of tomato and cucumbers served with pita bread. Quite the sampling and a good example of what we’re talking about when we say, “We love the Landmark Diner!”
  • Your Job

    The next time you are downtown, don’t fight with your friends and family to decide on a place to eat. Don’t even allow them a chance to argue. Keep everyone happy by going to Landmark Diner! You can guarantee they will be open and you will have great service. We have loved working with them and look forward to our continuing relationship.

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