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By having a Life Insurance policy, you can ensure that those close to you can continue to live comfortably, even when you are gone. Life Insurance provides money to whoever you designate upon your death.

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Life Insurance Is The Best Way To Protect Your Loved One’s Future

By having a Life Insurance policy, you can ensure that those close to you can continue to live comfortably, even when you are gone. Life Insurance provides money to whoever you designate as a beneficiary upon your death.
A Life Insurance Policy can offer coverage for:

  • Replace income for your dependents
  • Pay off debt you owe
  • Cover Funeral Costs
  • Pay Estate Taxes
  • Pay for Child Care
  • Afford College Tuition

The two most common types of Life Insurance are:

Term Life Insurance

  • Pays a death benefit if death occurs during a set term of your life (ex: 20 yrs, 30 yrs)

  • Lower premiums for more coverage

  • Rates can change after each term expires

Whole Life Insurance

  • Generally covers you for your entire life
  • Can build equity and have a cash value
  • Higher premiums, but can accrue more value as time goes on

As you dig deeper into the various Life Insurance options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Our agents are here to guide you through this decision and make it more simple. We would love to help you while you are looking for life insurance and help you understand your needs with good life insurance advice. Let us help you protect those closest to you.

How Much Does Life Insurance Cost?

How Would You Know If You Are Paying Too Much?

Unfortunately, this is hard to do.

You likely can’t compare apples to apples even attempting to compare rates of people with similar health and age not knowing their complete medical history and other factors that play a part into a life insurance quote such as date made active.

The best way is to shop your insurance by talking with an independent insurance agency.

The advantage of an independent insurance agency is the added benefit of being able to write insurance through numerous carriers which can deliver the most competitive price, as well as provide a unique amount of personal service. Southern States Insurance is aware of price changes with in the market, even carrier specific, and will guide you to your greatest success.

The only way to know if you are paying too much for your current life insurance is to comparing rates and learning what other prices are offered.

How Cheap Are We Talking Here?

In the end many decisions are fueled by price. This is a dangerous sell point in terms of insurance, but not so if coverage is addressed primarily. Price is important and now we are offering the best price we’ve seen in many years.

A general expectation for life insurance prices is specific to the individuals circumstances but to help make the figures graspable, here are some numbers:

$1,000,000 Term Life Insurance Policy Annual Premium
Male Age 10 Year Term 15 Year Term 20 Year Term
35 $265 $300 $450
45 $595 $875 $1,155
55 $1,525 $2,165 $2,875
65 $4,375 $6,694 $9,140

Those numbers are for a male, preferred plus, non-smoker. Our Georgia insurance company has access to markets that can deliver the best prices for most every health situation. Let’s compare those prices to a female of the same ages who also is a preferred plus, non-smoker.

$1,000,000 Term Life Insurance Policy Annual Premium
Female Age 10 Year Term 15 Year Term 20 Year Term
35 $245 $300 $400
45 $515 $675 $900
55 $1,150 $1,355 $2,105
65 $2,635 $3,745 $5,510

Today’s rates are better than they have been in the past ten years and Southern States Insurance wants to help our clients save money at this exclusive price point.

Southern States Insurance with access to numerous carriers is able to write life insurance policies for most every circumstance. If you want to learn how you can save on your life insurance the next step is to fill out a free insurance quote request form or call us at your convenience and we can get to you more.

Good Life Insurance Advice For Everyone

Good Life Insurance Advice Is Based On Circumstances Over Age

The time you need to consider calling an independent insurance agent is when you experience a change in family status. With professional advice you will be doing what is necessary to protect your family and loved ones.

What Defines A Family Status Change?

  • Birth of a child
  • Marriage of a couple
  • Purchase of a home
  • Acquire an amount of debt

In summary a change in family status is a circumstance in which your spouse or loved ones will be dependent on your income to offset the loss of income. Life insurance helps cover the expenses and allow your loved one’s to continue living in the best circumstances following an unfortunate tragedy.

Don’t fear another birthday thinking, “I need to get life insurance.” Although, that may be true, what should trigger your memory isn’t a changing age, but the changing blessings. When you see your family, your home, or the lifestyle your family has come to know, that is what should encourage you to get the best life insurance coverage.

Life Without Life Insurance

For now there is no difference in life with or without life insurance. Actually, the only difference in life with and with out life insurance is one has an additional cost. The difference comes after your death and immediately effects your family’s and loved one’s lives. Life insurance doesn’t give you some reason to live more dangerously, or without caution. Often, if you are considering good life insurance you have others in your life you want to take care of.

Picture this, you’re in a single income family, and the provider unexpectedly loses their life and didn’t have life insurance coverage. The non-working spouse is left to meet the payments on the home, pay off the debt, pay additional expenses (funeral costs, daycare, etc.) and likely enter the workforce.

We hope you see it is very important for the future wellbeing of your family that you have good life insurance coverage.

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