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There is nothing like some good home pride. Everybody loves to root, root, root for the home team! But, depending on where your “home team” resides you may be paying more for car insurance than another state’s residents… A lot more! We rank the most and least expensive states for auto insurance.

    Important to Consider: Not all states are offering the same product. We will find Michigan to be the most expensive state for car insurance, largely due to their legal requirements. Michigan’s state laws require unlimited personal injury protection, explaining why it is so expensive. The list is interesting to compare, but this is not necessarily apples to apples in every case.

No matter what state you are in, Southern States Insurance company can help provide you with good insurance advice and likely a lower insurance premium and more comprehensive coverage. But let’s get to the list and rank the nation on most expensive states for car insurance coverage.

Most Costly States For Car Insurance Coverage

The list below is composed by who gathered median car insurance data and median household income data from all 50 states and Washington, D.C. The information compiled was put into a developed system to reveal the cost of car insurance in each state and the percentage of household income relative to car insurance payment.

    The Most Expensive States – Median Cost For A Car Insurance Policy

    1. Michigan – $4,490
    2. Louisiana – $2,912
    3. Kentucky – $2,2,92
    4. West Virginia -$2,074
    5. Mississippi – $1,840
    6. Arkansas – $1,722
    7. Delaware – $2,456
    8. New York – $2,334
    9. Nevada – $2,070
    10. Florida – $1,784

Shortly after the top ten South Carolina checked in at number 12, shortly followed by Georgia in the 17th spot. Alabama ranked 20th and Tennessee came in ranked 21st. The south overall was ranked fairly high when comparing median car cost as a percentage of median household income. Leave a comment below if you have any explanation to why that may be, we weren’t able to think of a clear link.

    The Cheapest States – Median Cost For a Car Insurance Policy

    1. Ohio – $1,128
    2. Maine – $1,160
    3. Virginia – $1,444
    4. California – $1,304
    5. New Hampshire – $1,484
    6. Iowa – $1,202
    7. Oregon – $1,108
    8. Alaska – $1,348
    9. Hawaii – $1,244
    10. North Carolina – $860
    11. Massachusetts – $1,128

Whether you live in the top ten or worst ten states, there are ways you can minimize your insurance costs and we can help you find low cost car insurance no matter what zip code you may be in.

How To Find The Best Price On Your Auto Insurance

You may not be able to change the state law requirements where you live, but there are likely ways we can help you find cheaper insurance in most every state.

Looking at the statistics alone can be dangerous as everyone isn’t necessarily paying for the same product as we mentioned before and from state to state there may be different risks to be considered. We can show you how to guarantee you have good car insurance coverage and are paying a good price.

Shop Your Coverage. Your insurance carrier may be the best fit for your current needs, but you only know that is true if you shop your insurance with numerous carriers. Our independent insurance agency is able to shop your coverage with most all of the top carriers and provide the most competitive price for your unique circumstances.

If the price goes up with one carrier and you prefer to change, we are able to change for you and can keep you with an agent you have built a relationship with.

Ask For Discounts. Drivers are often eligible for discounts they may not even be aware of. Another benefit of working with an independent insurance agency, like Southern States Insurance, is they get to know you and build a relationship. It becomes easy for them to be aware of your circumstances and what possible discounts can apply that a common insurance carrier could likely miss.

Adopt Better Habits. Insurance carriers like to see in your history qualities that illustrate you are a safe driver. This is much more than just your accident history, although that certainly is an indication of your risk. There are 7 main factors to determine your ability to receive a cheaper insurance quote.

Now What?

Well you’ve seen how all of the states rank. You can’t move based on how much you will be paying for car insurance. Laws and regulations are something you can’t control, but what you can control is your driving history and driving practices and work to receive lower insurance rates yourself.

You can’t change the law, you can only change your habits and your coverage.

We believe independent insurance agencies are the best option to consider.

Southern States Insurance can likely get you the best coverage for the best price. Get a free car insurance quote today and learn how much you can save being insured with an agency who cares about your success.