review your home insurance policy

The Forgotten Coverage – Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance coverage is rarely reviewed by homeowners. Many homeowners get the needed coverage, check it off the list and pay the bill – no questions asked. But…

What if you are missing out on needed coverage, cheaper prices, and higher quality service just because it has become habit to ignore your policy?

The dangers of ignoring your homeowners insurance policy:

  • Never updating your coverage as risks change annually.
  • Not knowing what is excluded in your policy.
  • Paying too much for home insurance coverage.

Quick Ways To Test The Quality of Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage

It is easy to forget to shop your home insurance policy and continue paying for the agreed coverage, but it is also easy to find cheaper home insurance and shop your policy. How do you know if you need to shop your home insurance?

Quick Home Insurance Test:

  • Have you talked with your insurance agent and completed your annual review?
  • When was the last time you shopped your home insurance coverage?

If you haven’t spoken with your agent with-in the last year or recently shopped your coverage, you can likely save on your homeowner’s insurance by getting a quote from Southern States Insurance. We shop most all of the major carriers and save our clients money everyday.

Good Homeowners Insurance Is Important To Have and Easy To Get

Your home is unique; it deserves good protection.

As a homeowner it is dangerous to not review your policy & miss completing an annual review with your insurance agent. Risks change and your coverage needs to change accordingly to provide the necessary protection.

– Have you bought new jewelry, furniture, art, or other expensive property that should be endorsed under your homeowners policy?

– Have you expanded your home or added square footage?

– Have you begun working at home?

If so your risk exposure on your homeowners insurance policy has changed!

All of these things need to be addressed as they influence your policy and may not be covered under your current policy.

Southern States Insurance can give you a home insurance quote and return numerous estimates from almost all of the major carriers in a matter of minutes.

Our Insurance Agency Can Help You Get The Best Insurance

It is easy to want to shop your auto insurance, you pay the bill every month. Your home insurance is paid annually and seen so infrequently it is easy to pay it and forget it. That isn’t how it should be.

You need to review your home insurance policy. Changes are often made on an annual basis and your coverage may change especially after the tougher economy. Our insurance agents will help you every year to complete a review and update your coverage.

Forgetting to review and shop your home insurance can be costly!

  1. You may not be properly covered for the risks you face
  2. You may be paying too much money on your annual premiums
  3. You could be missing out on an agent and agency to help you understand your policy and review it with you.

Find the best coverage for your home today, the few minutes it takes is worth the few hundred dollars you could save and the future stress you could avoid.