Oh deer is right!

An estimated 50,000 deer-car collisions occur annually in Georgia. Our Georgia insurance agency compiled tips on how to stay safe and looked into why the fall is such a dangerous time for wildlife accidents. The answers to avoid an accident begin with understanding the reasons the risks are increased.

Why Do Deer-Car Collisions Increase In The Fall?

Let’s keep it simple. Here are the top three reasons traffic accidents with deer increase in the fall.

  1. Deer Mating Season – Between October and December deer are searching for a mate. Male deer go into a rut and begin to actively search. The increased activity and movement result in a larger number of roadway and highway encounters. Those male deers have only one thing on their mind and they aren’t thinking about highways.
  2. Time Change – Deer are most active during dawn and dusk hours of the day. Daylight Savings means we “fall back” and will experience shorter days and longer nights. Most work commuters are driving during higher risk hours and need to be additionally aware.
  3. Human Development – Naturally as population increases and rural areas continue to be developed the deer population is forced to travel to find resources. The deer travel to new areas in search of food and water, and this added mobility puts them at higher risk of ending up in a roadway or highway.

Number Of Collisions Increase – Are You Covered?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are about 1 million car accidents with deer each year that kill 200 Americans, cause more than 10,000 personal injuries, and result in $1 billion in vehicle damage. It’s important to know if you’re covered with your car insurance?

Deer accidents are covered as a part of your comprehensive car insurance coverage. An independent insurance agent can help you understand if you have the needed coverage and the proper amount to protect you and your family. With out comprehensive auto insurance coverage the cost of collision with a deer is on you, as well as the potential of a tow, or any additional damages caused.

Tips To Stay Safe On The Roads

The best response is to take your foot off the gas to minimize damage and simply coast. Try to not slam on your breaks, because the risks are greater of being rear ended by other drivers on the roads.

  • Don’t Swerve – By swerving last minute to avoid hitting a deer you decrease the chances of hitting the deer minimally but drastically increase the chances you hit other traffic, a street light, a mailbox or drive off the road. You put yourself and others more at risk by swerving.
  • Deer Travel In Herds – If you see one deer, stay alert because many could follow. The wildlife is unpredictable and the deer could easily choose to remain calm or spook others to run. At the first sight of deer, proceed with caution.
  • Be Alert During High Times – We shared why the Fall experiences peak conditions for car-deer collisions. Understand the highest risk season is upon us and be vigilant as a driver especially during dawn and dusk hours.

How Will A Collision Effect Your Auto Insurance

In many circumstances a comprehensive auto insurance claim may not impact your car insurance premiums. This isn’t always true and varies from carrier to carrier. To understand your policy better, call one of our agents who can request your policy and guide you through understanding your coverage needs.

Think how you would respond if a deer were to hit your car on your drive home? Do you know you are protected? How much coverage do you have? If you don’t know your insurance agent’s name or if you are covered for these circumstances you may consider shopping your car insurance for a agency more invested in you and your protection. To find the best car insurance for you find an independent insurance agent you can trust and delivers good insurance advice. We build our agency on personal relationships and personalized coverage and would love to get to know you.