Moving can be a stressful time. You have so much to set up and you are constantly packing and unpacking, that it may seem like it will never end! If you have experienced a move recently you know, you don’t realize how much stuff you own until you see it all!

For me, packing always takes longer than expected, because you have forgotten about so many memories and the history of the precious things you own.

3 Points of Advice on Renters Insurance from Our Professional Agency in Atlanta

  1. Decide if you need the coverage.If you have valuables in your apartment or condo, you need a renters insurance policy. Our insurance agents can help you protect your belongings. Consider your home’s valuables can range from furniture, computers, sound system, jewelry, make-up, clothes and numerous other personal belongings.
  2. Develop a habit of taking inventory of your belongings. We recommend twice a year you walk around your home and record each room’s belongings. A virtual documentation of your belongings and can help you recall everything in detail which you own in the circumstance of a claim.
  3. Be confident you fully understand your renters insurance coverage. A common mistake people make is assuming the realty company or apartment complex management’s insurance will cover your apartment’s losses. This is far from the truth and will lead to a great amount of frustration and disappointment! You are responsible for insuring your belongings in your apartment.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Renters Insurance covers:

  • Your personal belongings if they were to be lost due to fire, water, theft, or vandalism.
  • The cost of living if your current living situation is uninhabitable.
  • Any injury caused to another person or damage to another persons property.

If you are renting an apartment or condo, good renters insurance coverage protects your belongings and valuables in your home in most all imaginable circumstances.

When considering the risk your apartment or condominium faces, don’t neglect to consider those who live above and below you. Your neighbors negligence or foolish choices could put you and your apartment and it’s belongings in jeopardy. Everything from the floor above you left the water on all day, to a kitchen fire that grew out of hand in a neighboring unit. With renters insurance your belongings are insured and you can maintain the standard of living you know with out any setbacks! Georgia renters insurance can be activated the day of and is simple to get started.


Our Georgia Insurance Company can meet your apartment renters insurance needs, but our goal is more than just offering you good insurance coverage.

If you want an insurance agent to work with you rather than just for you, we would love to get to know you.

Most renters insurance policy’s will be priced fairly cheap, so consider the many factors we offer and decide what is in your best interest. Start the conversation with your new independent insurance agent now by requesting a free renters insurance quote at the top of the page.

Our independent insurance agency works for your benefit by:

  • Quoting your policy through numerous insurance carriers. Our price will be the most competitive you can find.
  • Providing unique and personal service. As a client of Southern States Insurance you will have access to our insurance blogs helping our clients save on insurance costs and best manage the risks they face.
  • Building relationships that want to help you succeed. Our goal is your success, and we believe that is best built on strong relationships. We pride ourselves on the service we provide not only for those looking for apartment insurance, but with every type of insurance need or clients have.

At Southern States Insurance your success matters to us. It is our job to help you succeed even when things go wrong. Renters insurance for your apartment is something you need to have in place. It is of little cost and provides a great amount of coverage for your home’s valuables. Our Georgia insurance agency provides more than just a cheap answer to your needs, but a thorough solution but agreeing to help you all along the way. We look forward to helping you succeed starting with quality insurance coverage for your apartment and condo.