Southern States Insurance is changing opinions one client at a time.

When people ask what we do for a living they disregard any friendship existing after the word “insurance” leaves our mouth. Unless they know us before hand or are being forced into being around us, there is very little chance our job field puts warm feelings inside of them. Likely they had to experience a great amount of restraint not to 1. Hit 2. Vomit or 3. Yell at us

All of which are great ice breakers, but none of which would we prefer.

Why is this the immediate response to hearing the word insurance? When did society restructure the most hated careers and placed insurance agent at the top near reposition management services and car salesman?

Not only do we believe insurance isn’t something to be hated, but we believe it is something to be celebrated. We are changing our customers opinions to believe the same thing. The difference is working with a good insurance agency who is focused on your success.

You Have Risks In Your Life – That Is a Good Thing

Risks are a positive indication that you are working to achieve more.

    “The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live.”

    – Leo F. Buscaglia

We don’t discourage you from taking risks, we provide protection and healing when suffering occurs or you experience an unforeseen setback. Taking risks is often required to succeed and push yourself to your full capabilities. Our insurance company wants to do more than simply provide protection when things go wrong.

We want to help our clients even before something goes wrong.

Southern States Insurance is taking efforts to help our clients reach their goals. Our business is to help your business and to bring healing when tragedy strikes. (See just some businesses we’ve helped in the past)

Helping Customers Succeed While Providing The Insurance They Need

If our job is to help you succeed even despite setbacks, by simple definition to only help clients when things go wrong would be missing some key opportunities. We feel it is part of our job to highlight our clients. Good insurance is focused on your success, it is able to step in and bring healing when something goes wrong but we believe it is also able to propel you further even when things are going well.

In the past we have made great efforts to spread news and opportunities for our customers clients.

Our Insurance Company releases insurance blogs with relevant news about the insurance market and the seasons risks facing our clients. We work hard to help our clients prevent insurance claims and reduce their losses. We are working to provide insurance blogs for all of the most common circumstances and losses to provide direction and guidance in the event of an insurance claim.

Many insurance companies write you policy and put you into their computer system, but we believe there is more to it.

Why Do People Hate Insurance?

We believe the process often goes something like this:

  1. Need for insurance coverage.
  2. Surprise at the cost of insurance, but price accepted because of need. (Or shop for cheaper insurance and jump to step 5 in the process.)
  3. Frustration builds as client continues paying for a product that isn’t visibly or tangibly in use.
  4. Seek out the cheapest insurance to save money rather than the best insurance coverage per your risk exposure.
  5. Pay for low cost insurance that doesn’t offer full coverage.

  6. An unforeseen accident occurs and the insurance doesn’t cover the incident, because of cheaper cost coverage.
  7. Hate the insurance company for not paying for the accident and you feel like you’ve wasted your money.

The sad process is growingly common, but is very preventable. With the right insurance coverage you can be insured for the risks you face and be made whole again in the event of an accident and insurance claim. The best way to know if you have good insurance coverage for the risks you face is to talk with a professional independent insurance agent.

When you shop for insurance, are you shopping for an insurance agent to take care of you are simply an insurance quote?

Solve the problem of hating insurance, by being with a company who wants to help you succeed and gives you the insurance coverage you need.

Southern States Insurance has agents who would gladly provide insurance advice and a free insurance quote to know what it would cost to cover your unique risks with a tailored insurance coverage, but further more will help you understand you coverage and be a help during the entire term of your policy.

We Know We Can Be The Best Insurance Agency For You – But Do What You Believe Is Best

Our Georgia Insurance Company is saddened by the number of negative experiences with insurance companies. We want to show you what it is like to work with an insurance company that exists to help you. What set Southern States insurance apart is the number of carriers we write business with, our personal and intentional service, and our commitment to see our clients succeed.

Southern States Insurance writes home, auto, business, and life insurance and can insurance the risks you face in most every circumstance. Let an insurance agent give you some advice and help you understand your needs.

We are changing people’s opinions of insurance companies and would love to change your’s for the better.