The purpose of insurance is to help people succeed even when things go wrong. There are people in the world today, for whom things never started going ‘right’, and we are going to do what we can to help change that.

The people of Uganda are facing oppression. A recent movement by Invisible Children is calling people to action to ‘Stop Joseph Kony’, the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (L.R.A.) for inhumane and awful acts that are causing people to live in fear.

Insurance is put into action when the worst happens, reassuring people even in poor circumstances, all hope is not lost. The current circumstances are more than poor circumstances, and in the same way we handle insurance claims we want to bring hope and redemption. We want to help the people of Uganda.

Join us in our efforts to bring about healing. For every LIKE of our Facebook page we will donate $.50 to Stop Kony.*

A Big Need For Change

Joseph Kony’s violent campaign includes acts of murder, mutilations, rape, and in some accounts even cannibalism against civilians. His efforts have children living in fear of abduction, as the L.R.A. has forced countless children to fight for them.

Invisible Children is working to raise awareness and funds to keep this issue at the forefront of the mind of our country’s decision makers. With your help we can contribute to this effort to give these people a chance. Although $.50 may not seem like a lot, all of our efforts combined raise awareness and make every amount raised impactful. Learn more about the cause by watching this documentary.

The Passion in Our Decision

Our insurance company works to give people a chance to succeed following unforeseen tragedies in life. Everyday, our job is to bring about restoration when things go wrong. The people of Uganda are facing a tragedy that has been exposed and we want to commit to giving the people of Uganda a chance to succeed.

Please join the movement in making Kony “famous”.

People deserve to dream. People deserve a chance to succeed.

When you click like, half a dollar will go halfway across the world making a whole lot of change.


Every voice matters and every effort you can make counts.

Thank you for your ‘LIKE’ and for believing you can make a difference. Tell your friends who are unaware and let’s spread the awareness and redeem an oppressed people.

We hope you join the movement. We want to see justice and healing.

*For every LIKE we receive on Facebook we will donate $.50 (up to $250.00) to go directly to Invisible Children and their efforts to Stop Kony.