Our Georgia insurance company can help you save 10% on your life insurance premiums with one quick and easy change.

Even if you currently don’t have a life insurance policy, remember this tip to help you save on your coverage in the future.

A life insurance policy can ensure that those close to you can continue to live comfortably, even when you are gone, but no reason your money has to be gone paying for it!

Save on Your Life Insurance Policy

The tip to save 10% on your life insurance costs: Pay annual premiums.

The price of your life insurance coverage varies based on when and how often you pay your policy. There are four payment options and each varies in premiums charged. In order from least expensive to most:

  1. Annually
  2. Monthly
  3. Semi-Annually
  4. Quarterly

Save On Both Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance

Our savings advice works for the two most common options of life insurance policies.

What is the difference between term and whole life insurance options?

Term Life Insurance

  • Pays a death benefit if death occurs during a set term of your life (ex: 20 yrs, 30 yrs)
  • Lower premiums for more coverage
  • Rates can change after each term expires

Whole Life Insurance

  • Generally covers you for your entire life
  • Can build equity and have a cash value
  • Higher premiums, but can accrue more value as time goes on

More Life Insurance Advice On Savings

There are many misconceptions on life insurance that unfortunately are often believed and keep people from buying the coverage they need and lead people to wait until it is a more expensive price.

A few common misconceptions about life insurance coverage:

  • Life insurance need is based on age
  • Life insurance is expensive
  • It’s wise to wait on life insurance to help save money

All of these claims are false and can lead to you and your family not being best protected and you paying more for your life insurance coverage! Don’t believe this misconceptions and in your attempt to save money miss your real opportunity and end up paying more in the long run.

Our insurance agency believes each individuals needs for life insurance are unique and the most cost effective option for you can only be found after talking with a professional insurance agent.

Our agents are here to guide you through this decision and make it more simple. We would love to help you while you are looking for life insurance and help you understand your insurance needs and provide you with good life insurance advice. Let us help you protect those closest to you.