As you read the next few words what do you think of in terms of risks and benefits?

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube.

Are you legally held liable for posts you make? Or posts your kids make?

There are certainly risks that come along with these social medias, but how can you protect yourself against them? The news broadcasts story after story about jobs lost, kids bullied and hostile activity reported on social medias. Today’s culture is different than it has ever been in history and publishing a post, status, tweet or video can have serious implications exposing you and your insurance policy to a claim.

Learn what you are held liable for and what coverage is necessary. Also, see how not only damaging these social medias can be to your wallet, but also how cyber bullying can hurt your family.

Our friend, Melissa wrote a great blog on cyber bullying everyone should read and share with their friends!

What Did You Post? How Are You Covered?

A post may seem innocent and harmless, but we’ve seen too many headlines to believe it to be true anymore. Social media updates makes users legally liable similarly to journalists publishing information. If you or your angry teen decides to vent online you could be typing a dangerous line that leads to a steep lawsuit.

What posts could get you into trouble?

  • Starting a rumor that damages a person’s reputation
  • False information or gossip that deny’s a person a job or college admission
  • “Outing” someone’s sexual orientation
  • Harsh bullying that results in loss

A standard homeowners insurance policy typically includes liability protection for bodily injury or property damage, but does not include the coverage you need to protect you against social media publishing. If a post causes damage to someone and you are legally held liable you must expand your coverage to include Personal Injury Protection. in order to have your legal court fees and losses covered.

Add A Personal Injury Endorsement On Your Homeowners Policy

A personal injury endorsement will pay the costs up to the limits of your policy to defend you and your family, pay a judgment or settle a case when legal action is brought against you or your children for defamation.

This homeowners endorsement is often very affordable and with the growing risk something every household needs to consider.

Our insurance agency wants to help you succeed and in our ever-changing world where risks are constantly changing. With the growing amount of social activity bullying today can be more than having to walk up and tell someone your sorry, but you may be required to approach the bench.

Our agents can give you a free homeowners insurance quote and assess your risks and coverages adding personal injury endorsement with no problem. To evaluate your home insurance or to add the endorsement contact one of our independent insurance agents.

Your homeowners insurance policy doesn’t provide the protection you need … yet. We can help.