In the very litigious world we live in today, not even churches are exempt from lawsuits. In fact, some of the biggest and most controversial lawsuits we see are those that involve the clergy of the church!Protection from lawsuits filed for accidents and injuries that could involve you, your church staff or volunteers require more than just general liability insurance. Professional liability insurance will cover you when you face the costs of claims and the legal fees in the event that you or your organization is sued.

Could It Happen To Me?

You may be wondering how relevant this type of coverage is to your church insurance, but the fact of the matter is, churches get sued more than you would like to think. There are several specific aspects liability insurance can cover your religious organization for:

  • Pastoral Liability– this type of insurance will create coverage from damages that may rise from pastoral counseling such as (but not limited to) sexual misconduct, invasion of privacy and defamation.
  • Counselor’s Liability– this provides coverage for neglect or omissions that may occur due to vocational counseling, educational or even learning disability therapy.
  • Abusive Acts Liability– this provides coverage for anyone (staff, volunteers) who are acting on behalf of your church or religious organization that may be accused of actual or threatened abuse.

Every church and religious organization has specific needs when it comes to professional liability insurance coverage, and general liability does not cover you in these instances. Depending on the services your institution proves, your coverage will vary.

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