Hurricane Sandy recently swept through the Greater New York and New Jersey areas, leaving insurmountable damage behind. With homes ripped apart, businesses flooded and lives in a general upheaval, one business can be found doing everything they can to help out.

Pete Hajjar, co-owner of Reliable Restoration, was recently contracted for water restoration services at the Wall Street Plaza building in Manhattan to help return their building back to its original state. The Wall Street Plaza, a 32-story building in the Financial District, was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy; Over 2.6 million gallons of water flooded its basement floor and continued onto the first floor for nearly four feet.

Flooded Basement

Flood waters in the building reached 29 feet deep

Armed with 200 plus men and over 2,050 pieces of equipment deployed to the area, Hajjar was able to rapidly remove the water, making the Wall Street Plaza building the first building in the Lower Manhattan Financial District to have heat and electricity. Reliable Restoration was also contracted by Tory Burch in Lower Manhattan to restore their 2,100 square foot storage area, which was also flooded. This store was fully operational within 12 hours.

“Hundreds of people slept on the street in 40 degree weather and some ate from dumpsters.” – Pete Hajjar


Hajjar and the other employees of Reliable Restoration also sought to help the people of Manhattan in other ways. “Hundreds of people slept on the street in 40 degree weather and some ate from dumpsters,” Hajjar stated. In response to these brutal conditions, his team spent their weekend handing out blankets to the local homeless population.  “It breaks my heart to see the suffering. We are truly blessed to have family, food and warmth,” he added.

Co-owner Pete Hajjar with blankets for the homeless

If you know someone in the New York / New Jersey area who needs restoration help in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, call Reliable Restoration at 800-939-5257.  And visit the Reliable Restoration website to see how they’re helping neighbors here in Georgia and the Southeast.