Life Insurance Protection

Prices For Life Insurance Have Never Been So Cheap

Life Insurance costs have been steadily declining over the last ten years and are being offered at an extremely low cost. We are seeing signs the prices will begin to rise and some are already going up now.

This is the time to buy Life Insurance coverage.

Absolutely everybody needs to consider buying a new life insurance policy because:

  1. Timing – Prices have been declining over the last 10 years and have reached a low cost, that we likely won’t see again for a period of time and prices are beginning to rise again.
  2. Price – Even if you have coverage you can likely extend your coverage for the same price or cheaper!
  3. Ease – It is easy. Fill out a quote online and then talk with Don Daughtry for a few minutes on the phone, it won’t take longer than 5 minutes.
  4. Quality – Assure yourself you are with a quality insurance carrier.

(What excuse is there not to get a quote?)

Who Needs To Consider Buying Life Insurance

Often people assume Life Insurance is coverage for an aging and older population. The best way to determine if you have a need for good life insurance coverage is to ask one question:

“Do you have someone depending on you?”

Life Insurance need is more influenced by circumstances than a measurement of age. The biggest indication to judge if you need life insurance coverage, is if you have others dependent on your finances.

It is cheaper to actually buy life insurance while you’re younger and still in good health with a low mortality rate.

We believe at Southern States Insurance that every individual is different and worthy of a unique insurance policy that fits their unique needs. We wouldn’t want to present the case that it is always a good time to buy when you are young, but we would love to speak with you and determine if it would be in your best interest to purchase life insurance today, or wait and look for life insurance when your circumstances have a greater need for coverage.

Our Agent, Don Daughtry’s Life Insurance Advice To You

If you don’t buy while prices are so low, you will be forced to wait until prices are higher. In the time you wait you could experience your health worsening and your mortality rate will certainly have increased.

No matter what your circumstances are, it profits you to shop now.

Don Daughtry has been in the Life Insurance business for almost 30 years. The few things Don knows as well as life insurance coverage are SEC college football, that his golf game is likely better than yours, and his wife and kids are the most important thing to him. Don understands his family is dependent on his hard work to provide and believes good life insurance coverage can protect the one’s he loves in the unfortunate event that something were to ever happen to him.

How Do You Know If You Are Paying Too Much?

Sadly, you don’t.

The only way to know if you are paying a reasonable rate on your policy is to shop your coverage through a professional insurance agent you trust.

It is a shame that so many people are overpaying for their Life Insurance coverage, and aren’t aware (An estimated 25% of people are overpaying for their insurance coverage).

Southern States Insurance Will Help You Save On Your Life Insurance Cost

We are an independent insurance agency and know the prices now are some of the most affordable prices we have seen. The majority of clients who have taken advantage of this low cost life insurance have bought term life insurance coverage.

The advantage of writing your policy with Southern States Insurance company:

  • We shop shop almost every carrier to be sure the best product is delivered.
  • We have access to near every market.
  • We only shop A+ carriers.
  • We provide personal service you can trust.

Getting cheap term life insurance now is easy. Protect your loved ones in your life by extending your coverage or buying life insurance coverage for the first time. The offer is limited to how quickly you act and we hope to offer such great coverage and service while the prices are so favorable.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like some life insurance advice from our Insurance Agency in Atlanta. Get a life insurance quote at the top of the page.

Buying life insurance now, benefits you. We hope we can help you take advantage of the state of the market and help protect your loved ones.