Sewer Backup Insurance Coverage Explained

Meet Joe. Joe’s a homeowner. The king of his castle.

But Joe’s got a royal problem. He came home from work to find a big mess in his bathroom. Raw sewage!

Is it his aging sewer system? A tree root that’s blocked his pipes? Or did Billy flush another toy down the toilet?

Whatever it is, Joe hopes he added Sewer Backup Insurance to his homeowners policy. If he did, it could pay:

  • To clean up the mess, including his rugs and furniture.
  • To repair his home’s plumbing, flooring and walls.
  • And even reimburse him for a hotel room, food and other living expenses while the mess is cleaned up.

Good news is Joe DID pay the extra 50 dollars for Sewer Backup Insurance.

Now Joe’s the king of his castle again.

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