Is Sewer Backup Insurance Worth It?

Did you know that the average loss due to water damage and freezing is $7,958 annually? And almost 35% of all homeowners insurance claims each year are from water damage? If you’ve got questions about protecting your home from water damage and leaks, then you’ve come to the right place!

What causes sewer backups?

  • Aging sewer systems
  • Blockages caused by tree roots
  • Combined stormwater and raw sewage pipelines
  • Improper disposal of grease
  • Improper disposal of paper products
  • Toys flushed down the toilet

What does sewer backup insurance pay for?

  • The cost to clean the rugs, walls and furniture in your home
  • Any plumbing repair needed
  • Reimbursement for lodging, food and other living expenses while your house is being cleaned

Sewer backups and leaks can easily affect your home, and you don’t want to be caught in a time of need without the proper coverage. Luckily, the average cost to add sewer backup insurance to your homeowners policy is only about $40 to $50 annually!

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