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Around the U.S. and certainly here in Georgia, Spring storms have done their damage already this year. From multiple outbreaks of tornadoes in the Midwest to straight-line winds and hail in the Southeast, homeowners are picking up the pieces and trying to move on.

Last week, my family and I drove into town for some dinner. Being only two days after some big storms in our area, we counted 7 or 8 massive oak trees that had fallen on houses, in yards and across streets. That was just in a matter of about 5 city blocks!

Seeing that damage got me thinking about two common claims filed after storms like that:

  1. Roof damage from hail
  2. Property damage from fallen trees.

If you’ve been affected by these types of damage, watch these two videos. You’ll learn how homeowners insurance companies handle hail and tree claims and get some tips on how to better protect your home or property in the future.