In this record heat that begs everyone mention the triple digit temperatures at every opportunity. Here is one more article to bring attention to the noticeably unbearable heat.

A study performed by Insurance Media LLC, founder of, shows the correlation between hot weather conditions and number of intoxicated drivers on American roads. The results from the study suggests that the number of intoxicated drivers are as high as ten times more frequent in hotter days than throughout the colder season.

Our independent insurance agency in Georgia believes this is just the tip of the iceberg. The risks of alcohol consumption in such high temperature weather can be extremely dangerous and lead to sickness, injuries, and in some cases even death both on the road and off. Here’s how…

The Combination of Alcohol and The Hot Weather

Although a cold one on a hot day may sound like the remedy you need, it will only make matters worse and in extreme heat can lead to potentially dangerous situations.

Alcohol de-hydrates your body and interferes with your body’s ability to regulate it’s internal temperature. In the hot weather your body produces sweat in effort to stay cool, but in extreme conditions your body can not keep up and can fail to regulate your body temperature leading to dangers risks such as de-hydration, heat stroke, or exhaustion. Signs of this occurring include cramps, headaches, and dizziness.

The added influence of alcohol couples with the heat to de-hydrate your body even more and can lead to greater effects from the alcohol with less consumption, which can be a dangerous combination.

Alcohol having a greater effect may mean you drink less but be influenced more. Often contributing to people driving drunk during hot summer days!

Be aware this summer of the additional risk during hot summer days and know how to protect yourself.

Protect Yourself During The Hot Weather

  • Drink the right fluids – Drink plenty of fluids through out the day that can hydrate your body. The best choice is a cool sports beverage to replace the minerals you lose while sweating.

    • AVOID: Liquids that contain large amounts of sugar, which can lead to dehydration and extremely cold drinks, which can cause stomach cramps.
  • Look out for yourself – Be aware of symptoms that may insist you go indoors, use more sunscreen, drink some fluids, or take a rest.

    • Especially on the Road! Knowing the increased risk of drinking in the heat, understand the increased dangers of driving during such times. The research shows late afternoons, evenings and early morning hours are the most frequent for drunk driving. Drive carefully and plan accordingly.

Southern States Insurance Wants You To Be Safe This Hot Summer

Summer is a time to make great memories, travel, and laugh with family and friends. Please be wise in the decisions you make.

Stay aware while on the roads on summer days, but be safe wherever your day takes you, if thats the lake, the swimming pool, or driving to a fourth of July cook-out.

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