This hot summer weather is absolutely perfect conditions for the pool car theft.

Car theft during the summer months is as common as posting a picture of your car thermometer with a triple digit reading. What makes the season so favorable for theft? Southern States Insurance will discuss why drivers are most at risk during the summer, why, and how to prevent the crime from happening to you.

The Top Mistakes That Lead To Car Theft In The Summer

1. Windows Down

In this hot summer sun, it is often a hopeless effort to find relief, but we still try. Our efforts to cool off are putting us in jeopardy and making our cars easy prey.

Drivers during the heat, crack their windows or even roll them all the way down while their car is parked. The effort to ventilate the vehicle makes it a prime target for theft. A thief is able to unlock your car through the open window and can steal your car in just a matter of minutes.

2. Engine Running

Even if you are just running in for a quick errand, always take your car keys with you and NEVER leave the car running unattended. It may be more convenient and guarantees you return to a fully air conditioned car but is one of the easiest ways to have your car stolen.

Many car thieves work in pairs with one person in charge of being the look out and keeping a watch on the owner of the vehicle while the second part of the tandem works to steal the ride and/or it’s valuable left inside.

In this hot summer weather our Georgia insurance company is very aware of how hot it has been. No matter how hot it is, it is always best to turn your car off and avoid leaving the keys in the ignition unattended.

The Top Targeted Stolen Cars

A studies done by LoJack Corporation and the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators have launched a national campaign effort to raise awareness of increased risk during the season. The study reported some convincing numbers in regards to the cost of car theft on average.

Car theft is very expensive, costing a total of $4.5 billion each year in America. Reason enough to talk with your insurance agent & fully understand your car insurance policy, it’s coverages and exclusions so you are prepared as an auto owner and know the costs to expect.

Nearly half of all people interviewed for the LoJack Corporation study said they were not concerned about car theft. Here are the vehicles who should be most concerned about car theft. The most common vehicles stolen, in order are:

  1. Honda Accord
  2. Honda Civic
  3. Toyota Camry
  4. Chevy & Ford Pick up trucks

Protect Yourself During The Most Active Months For Car Theft

The top two months for car theft are July and August. Credited to drivers habits during the hotter season, as we have mentioned with windows often left rolled down and engines left running.

There are simple practices you can put into habit this summer to prevent you from filing an auto insurance claim for theft.

Summer Car Habits To Adopt To Prevent Theft:

  • Always roll up your windows.
  • Park somewhere well lit
  • Keep valuables out of sight
  • Never abandon your car with engine running
  • Invest in anti-theft protection devices

By adopting these practices recommended by officials and your insurance agent, you will greatly prevent the likelihood of experiencing car theft this summer.

Does Your Car Insurance Cover Theft?

Yes, if you have comprehensive auto insurance coverage. It is important to look at your auto insurance policy and read what is excluded and what is required of the insured in the event of a loss.

What if you leave the keys on the hood of the vehicle, wouldn’t that be considered negligence, thus I wouldn’t be covered? You are still covered under your auto insurance policy and the insurance company will be for your stolen car.

What about my personal property in the car is that also covered if my car is stolen? No, it is not covered under your car insurance, but your property is covered under your homeowners insurance policy no matter where you are.

Your personal auto insurance policy may seem confusing when trying to fit circumstances into legal terms, but all of our insurance agents at Southern States Insurance are available to help you understand your policy, give you insurance advice, or quote you on nearly any type of coverage completely for free.

Our Atlanta insurance company believes in helping you succeed and wants to help you protect yourself and property against the risks you face.

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