The best car insurance companies are determine by a multitude of factors. But, as a consumer, what are the most important things to consider when choosing the right car insurance company? Most people boil it down to price, claims handling and customer service.


By far, one of the biggest factors consumers use when choosing a car insurance company is how much their premium will cost. Of course, for each person, this will be calculated differently due to individual underwriting factors. Price is greatly influenced by things like your driving record, age and gender. So it’s a good idea to shop your car insurance policy with a variety of insurance companies to get an idea of what range of premium you can expect. The best way to get multiple quotes from one place is to use an independent insurance agent who has access to a large number of car insurance companies.

Claims Handling

When it comes down to it, a car insurance policy isn’t worth anything until you have to use it. Having an accident or suffering some other sort of car related loss will trigger a claim. The way that claim is handled will make a huge impact on the perception you have of your insurance company. What you’re looking for during the sales phase is a car insurance company who is known for being quick to pay claims. When reading customer reviews, it’s a good idea to look for stories of responsive claims adjusters. That’s one of the biggest factors that give people a good feeling about their insurance company. One other big deal to consumers is having plenty of repair shop choices. Nothing is more frustrating that feeling like you are obligated to use a car repair shop with a bad reputation.

Customer Service

Not to be outdone as a deciding factor among car insurance consumers is good customer service. This begins with the sales process and continues throughout the year until your policy renewal. You’ll want to choose a company that listens to your needs, has few billing errors among their clients, has a quick response time when calling their customer support line, and has a user friendly website.


When searching for the best car insurance companies to cover you, make sure you keep these points in mind. The three biggest factors you should pay attention to are price, claims handling and customer service. If you can find a company that fits the mold, you’ll be a happy customer.