When you are looking to insure your condo, there is a specific type of insurance policy to best protect your home. This coverage is a type of homeowners insurance policy and can come at a very affordable price.

Our agents can help pair you with condominium insurance and offer advice on how to protect your home and save on insurance costs.

What Is Condo Insurance Coverage?

Condo Insurance provides protection for your owned condominium, providing coverage for the dwelling, personal property and loss of use. Your condominium association is not financially responsible and obligated to pay for damages and losses, although they have a master policy to cover the buildings physical structure. Having personal condo insurance coverage is important and just as valuable as homeowners insurance! You have to protect yourself.

Condo Associations master coverage plans exclude your personal property and legal responsibility to others, as well as most often not covering improvements or customizations in your unit.

When shopping for condo insurance, learn which of the available coverages you need and to what extent. An independent insurance agent can help provide guidance, but condo insurance policies often include

  • Personal Property
  • Replacement value of dwelling, according to coverage limits
  • Bodily injury if someone else is injured
  • Liability for property damages
  • Protection against fires, freeze, vandalism etc.

Finding Good Condo Insurance Coverage

The advice our insurance agency has in finding good insurance is to shop!

It is important to be sure when you shop you are comparing like coverages and can judge what price is truly the best deal.

This is where we can help you save a lot of time and assure quality insurance coverage – Our Georgia & Florida Independent Insurance Agency does all of the shopping for you. We go out to our markets with numerous carriers and tell them exactly what you need, with our insurance knowledge on which carriers prices will be most competitive for your unique needs. You then have the exact insurance coverage you are looking for and the best price because it was just shopped with 30+ carriers when you can likely name less than you can count on your hands.

Our advice to you is to shop with an independent insurance carrier. Review the carriers they write with and quote your insurance with any carriers you recognize aren’t listed. Get an insurance quote from the carriers not listed and if the price is better for the same coverage decide if you are willing to sacrifice personal customer care.

Get A Free Condo Insurance Quote

Our Insurance Agency can help you find good condo insurance coverage at a price you’re able to pay. Even if you already have insurance for your condo we can quote your policy and let you know if you’re paying the cheapest price possible. Having your condo is the most important thing.

Our agency wants to help you succeed and with out this protection a minor setback maybe forever damaging.

Southern States Insurance will give you a free condo insurance quote, just simply give us a way to contact you.

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