The Best Mobile Apps For Measuring Digital Marketing Results

So, you’ve joined the ranks of your fellow independent insurance agents marketing themselves on the Internet? Great. But, if you’re like me, you’re not chained to your desk all day. So how can you measure your marketing success from the road?

These mobile apps will allow you to do what Socrates recommended: “Know thyself.”

#1 Analytics Pro

analytics pro iphone app screenshoticon-whitespaceicon-whitespaceanalytics pro iphone app map view

Every insurance agency worth their salt has a website. And those site’s performance are typically tracked using Google Analytics. But Google’s own mobile version of Analytics leaves a lot to be desired.

After trying a few Analytics apps, the most user friendly and detailed one I’ve found is Analytics Pro.

My favorite features are:

  • Quick access to common Google Analytics reports.
  • Handy tabs to help you navigate between groups of data (Visitors, Traffic Sources, Goals, etc.)
  • Changing date ranges on the fly with minimal tapping.
  • All the line graphs, bar graphs and pie charts you’d expect from using the desktop browser version of Google Analytics.


#2 MailChimp

mailchimp iphone app campaign report viewicon-whitespaceicon-whitespacemailchimp iphone app list view

By far one of the best email campaign companies out there today is MailChimp. I’m proud to call them a hometown vendor, located right here in Atlanta.

Whether I want to know how effective my most recent client email newsletters have been or see how my list of subscribers is growing, I use MailChimp’s mobile app. Ain’t life great working in the cloud?!

From my iPhone, I can get info about each campaign like:

  • Number of opens
  • WHO opened my email (Coolest thing EVER!)
  • Number of clicks
  • Opens by location
  • Bounce rate
  • Unsubscribes
  • List growth over time
  • Subscribes since last campaign
  • Even WHICH EMAIL PLATFORM subscribers are using to open my emails! (ex: iPhone, Android, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.)


#3 Hootsuite

hootsuite iphone app stats viewicon-whitespaceicon-whitespacehootsuite iphone app streams view

Our agency uses Twitter and Facebook a lot to engage with clients and prospects. Like many others, we use HootSuite to schedule our tweets and posts and track what our most popular content is.

You can also add other social media clients to Hootsuite, like LinkedIn.

Using HootSuite’s mobile app allows me to track:

  • Number of clicks for each tweet or post I send
  • Which of my tweets have been retweeted
  • Scheduled tweets and posts in order of date and time
  • Mentions
  • Direct messages
  • Not to mention, my social media feeds


#4 SocialScore For Klout

socialscore for klout dashboardicon-whitespaceicon-whitespacesocialscore for klout iphone app screenshot

For those of you (egomaniacs) who follow your Klout score (like me), there’s an easy way to do that from your mobile device. It’s called Social Score For Klout. In case you didn’t know, Klout allows you to see how influential you are on social media using a number range of 1-100. It’s basically like high school all over again…measuring how cool you are.

Practically speaking, SocialScore For Klout helps me quickly determine who I need to rub shoulders with more in order to get my message out to a larger audience.

Using SocialScore For Klout, I can see at a glance:

  • My Klout score
  • Who influences me
  • Who I influence
  • Topics I’m influential about
  • The same information listed above for any of my “influencers” and “influencees”



These are just a few of my favorite mobile apps for tracking online marketing results. But they’re by no means the only ones out there.

What mobile apps do you use to measure your digital marketing success? What other things are you tracking besides what’s listed here?