The Problem

The tragic truth of the world we live in is the destination is sometimes valued over the journey it takes to arrive there. You can apply that statement to many aspects of life, but we are going to  look at a journey around a local town and how to get the best experience of Marietta!


The Solution

Go on a journey and hear the stories and the journeys that make Marietta. Find out what changed the city to be what it is today. All ages will love the experience of the trolley train and captivating details of the city.

The Historic Marietta Trolley Co. provides a great way to understand and see the town in depth. The rich history will  keep your attention and allow you to experience history as you travel in a classic design historic trolley.

A unique experience for youth who can take the opportunity to appreciate the world around them. Young children will be thrilled  to climb aboard for a trolley ride (including all of it’s bells and whistles) and adults can appreciate the vibrant stories and history they likely have never heard that established the city of Marietta.

Marietta is the third largest city in Georgia, but it took a rich history for it to get to where it is today and become one of the busiest and most exciting squares.

Fall in Love with Marietta

Now after hearing the history, explore the city and see what there is to do NOW! Marietta Pedicabs are an on-demand taxi service to tour you around Marietta and the neighboring area! (NO you don’t have to pedal, you can just sit there and look good! Wipe the sweat off your forehead from just thinking about it.)

Marietta Pedicabs is a wise way to save money on gas and the most fun way to go anywhere you desire as you are free to hop-on and hop-off! They offer a call ahead service as well as the ability to flag one down and jump in for a ride!

If you’re trying to think of how to top off an event you have planned near the area, this is perfect for local weddings, outings, and every type of event you may consider.

Don’t be trapped in such of a routine you drive by beautiful history and ignore it or can’t live enough to enjoy an entertaining way to travel around locally. These offering are both inexpensive and the best experiences to see Marietta.

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